I have a Rino110. It's my 1st one to try out.
I have found it will only accept 10 characters for a waypoint location name and I need more. It also eats batteries. 3 new alkaline batteries will only last for 24hrs even in battery saver mode.
It looses cantact with satelites between large buildings and around some cellphone / radio transmission towers.

It is a nice small GPS for Hiking or road trips on unfamiliar countryside roads.

I would like to have details I can put in about each waypoint. Another nessessity will be a serial or USB interface with a laptop map program with city and county roads for all of the state of Ohio. A program is available for the Rino but I will not be investing any more money in this product. Might even return it.

I see many different units are out there and would like to hear your personal views about any GPS devices you have had experience with.