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    Mar 2003

    Cpu + motherboard question..


    Iam planing on upgrading my cpu and motherboard but i cant decide..

    Been looking at the 2100+ T-bred and the 1700+ T-bred..

    There is hardly any price diffrance btween these two were i live, in sweden..

    But isnt the 1700 that probobly will do as much as the 2100+ gonna me much warmer then the 2100+, thinking of the original mhz speed?

    Which are the best steppings on the 2100+?

    Have also been looking at these two motherboards:

    Asus A7N8X/Deluxe, Nforce2

    EPoX EP-8RDA+

    The epox seems to be better for OC but the Asus has the s-ata interface that is a must for me.. WD Raptor does i have to say more? =P

    Cant decide .. Positive and negative thoughts about these motherboards?


    The cooling is abit hard to decide too.

    But i think ill buy a slk-800 and a Thermaltake Smartfan II 80mm fan.. is this a good combo or shall i take a look at another fan?

    By the way what does the slk-xxx ( ---> U <--- ) stand for?

    Greeting Mattias

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    Apr 2001
    Crouched behind a camera with a wide lens
    greetings, nuke_x!

    the case and cooling or overclocking forum might be able to answer your heat question, but as for mobo's they're both really good boards so you just have to ask yourself 'which features do I want and how much do I want to spend?'

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