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    Dec 2002
    I dont have many heatware, but im always willing to ship first untill i get more. I also refer people to my own forums so they can ask my members if they have any questions about my integrity.

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    Sep 2002
    Originally posted by Horned_Frog03
    ok well if u can tell me who i have refused to ship to first u let me know, i just shipped out a motherboard and am shipping more parts out tommorrow, so unless u have proof, let me ship first, thanks BAKED
    You asked ME about an Item I was selling before this all came out and insisted that I ship first, even though I have reffs and you had none, because you didn't want to be banned from the forums... which still makes no sense.... but I have the PM's and emails if you would like to see them....

    Furthermore... you really should read some of the threads about you. Several people are saying you insisted that they ship first... my proof is all over the internet... ya goof.

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    Jun 2001
    Lawrenceville, GA.
    Originally posted by tenax
    be cautioned that this trader is on the troll list at trollhunters. he also has tons of bad evals at heatware and has changed to a new heatware eval user name, classicpotato to clearly get away from his bad evals.

    deal with him completely at your own risk.[1]=151568

    if you have dealt with him unsuccessfully here, please contact asap.

    thank you

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