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    Mar 2003
    hehe, i got the email, but didnt know u wanted a reply, ok, sent u one, email me back ! and thanks

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    Jul 2001
    Charlotte, NC
    Originally posted by Horned_Frog03
    hehe, i got the email, but didnt know u wanted a reply, ok, sent u one, email me back ! and thanks
    Back at ya

    BTW I like many others like an email back to confirm that you got it and when you'll be sending etc.
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    Feb 2001
    horned, i don't want to see another thread posted or started by you..or anyone else on this subject.

    in regards to his "status" everyone has been warned ..he's on the bad traders list. if you talk to trollhunters someone on the list should never be traded with again. i choose to agree that if the person on the list is willing to ship first or pay first..there's little or no risk to the other party.

    let me add that i would be far more convinced this person is trying to straighten their record if they were straight up and hadn't changed their user name and further, changed their heatware. that appears dishonest by itself. nuff said.

    that addresses that concern. this thread is more are to be started on this topic. horn, you have anything to say, say it in private from here on in.

    thank you.
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    Jun 2001
    Lawrenceville, GA.
    Heatware =

    that was a nice pm from him, if u guys dont want me here tell me, otherwise im willing to SHIP FIRST, would A TROLL ship first???

    guys im here with alot of hardware u might all like, so please consider letting me stay, im here to ship first til i rebuild my name.
    Using someone else's heatware in your sig, combined with your current trollhunter status and attitude in this forum, I am going to insist that you Horned_Frog03 find somewhere else on the internet to do business.

    Have a nice day.


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