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    Sep 2001
    Birmingham, AL

    FS: Huge sale, lots of good stuff in here!

    Lotsa good stuff here!

    The 2100+ was bought from and is only slightly used. Not even burned in good. It is a rev B of course. I have gotten it to around 2.3ghz without burn-in without so hot cooling either. I was thinking about $73 shipped OBO for it.

    I also have a Duron 1ghz that I could do for $25 shipped OBO. Has been used for about 7 months, still in like-new condition.

    I also have 2 Audigy OEM cards, in perfect condition, except that I no longer have the gameport cable for it (does anyboldy actually still use analog anyway?) I want say $43 shipped per card OBO

    I have 2x Antec PP412X 400W PSUs, these have been proven to increase your overclocking abilities, and will hold up to whatever you throw into your computer. I ran my computer AND a Peltier off of this without a hitch or lowered voltages! I want $47 shipped ea.

    I also have a Pentium 4 mobo, BD7-II, this thing is great. I had a 2.26 o/c'd past 3.1ghz @ around 190FSB, and it was rock solid there, I bet it could do 200FSB. It does support HT too! I want $68 shipped for it. I'm not sure that I still have the origional items that came with it though, but its a heck of a board.

    Oh and I guess I'll go ahead and sell the 2.26 that does 3.1ghz++ aswell. I'm looking for somewhere around $150 shipped. This is a C1 stepping BTW...

    I also have 2X 256MB OCZ PC-3000 DDR with copper heatspreaders. These overclock better on P4 systems than AMD systems. In conjunction with the BD7-II above, Ive had them at over 200FSB Looking for $40 shipped apiece.

    More good DDR goodness: I will have shortly, a brand NEW Carsiar XMS PC-3200 stick from newegg RMA. The last one was very good overclock wise, as most if not all of the new ones are using those Winbond chips. I will be asking about $110 shipped for this when I get it.

    Have a 20GB Western Digital HDD, 7200 RPM, ATA100 I beieve that I want $45 shipped

    Also a WD 800BB 80GB 7200RPM that I'm looking for $75 shipped, I can either sell this, or a Maxtor 80GB 7200 ATA133, only want to sell one though, but either one is fine.

    Prices arent firm, but they are pretty reasonable. I need to move this stuff, and will sell for this or best offer.

    The ONLY trade I'd consider is a 1700 DLT3C "B" chip

    Will ship anything here first to those with reputable heatware!!!!!
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