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    Jul 2001
    Originally posted by sopclod
    I find that bands like Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Disturbed and so forth are kind of boring. The songs are a little too simple with the same couple of chords used on the whole album. I'm not some kind of big music guy but I like songs with a little more to them.
    I know what you mean...although i like linkin park, they do get boring to listen to after a while.

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    Jun 2001
    Washington D.C.
    linkin park kicks ***... can't stop listening to them

    Meteora is great.. Numb is my favorite song off there.
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    May 2001
    I imagine I must have heard LP on the radio somewhere, but I can't say they tickled my fancy since I can't seem to be able to name any of their songs. Must have been due to my bandwidth switch accidentally changing mid-song for some reason. All I know is I saw them on TV for that Metallica big-to-do they had. They were horrible, and surprisingly, Limp Bizkit rocked, although I hate them more.
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