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    Aug 2003
    Why couldn't they give us a decent DAC on the boards with SoundStorm?

    Does the XBox use a Realtek DAC?
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    Nov 2002
    cost cost cost

    dacs that are worth their salt would add $10-20 to the price. It isn't much, but it is when the competition doesn't do it.

    note that the kt600 supports the envy24PT (similar to the revo7.1 chip), but no one implements it...realtek or c-media across the board
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    Aug 2003
    Quite confusing to me.. up until SoundStorm came along I'd rather they just wouldn't include sound onboard, and lower the price. I'd think most users would want to have a separate PCI card anyways.

    But I think if they're going to do it, they should do it right. To me it was worth paying that extra to get a board with SoundStorm... I don't need any firewire, RAID or Dual-LAN.. I just wanted SoundStorm, and for that I was willing to pay for the other extras as well. And I would be willing to pay another $10-15 for a better DAC also.. even if my ears aren't so great anyways, seems a shame to have all that audio processing power and then pump it through a rusty pipe.

    I think most people who buy the deluxe boards aren't too worried about an extra $10-$15.. they're pumping out so much cash already, what's another 10? I also think most people are fans of a particular brand, and will pay an extra $10 for the brand they prefer. I've never heard of anyone buying ASUS or ABIT because they are cheap.. I think usually people buy ASUS for features and reliability, and ABIT for overclocking ability...

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