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    May 2002
    I don't post here much, but I thought I'd post in this evar-so interesting thread .

    All opened up and such.

    Sealed up. Nothing fancy or anything, but I've got wires running from the inside of the PSU's AC leads connecting to the pump via 4 pin molex so I don't have to use up space on the power strip .

    92 Camaro heatercore, much <3 for it.

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    Feb 2001
    Louisiana, USA
    I finally finished my rig...

    Intel Pentium4 3.0Ghz @3.75Ghz (yeah I know its a P4, but I have 2 other AMD rigs)
    1 gig OCZ EL-4200 DDR
    ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition
    (2) 74GB WD Raptors in RAID 0
    Yamaha CRWF1E 44/24/44 CDRW
    Lite-On 8X DVD Burner
    Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro
    Highly Modified Koolance Water Cooled System
    CPU and Video Watercooled w/Newest Koolance Blocks

    Custom fabricated Video Card Cooler
    Tin Plated Copper Heatsinks for Video Card
    DuPont ChromIllusion Automotive Paint Job (Green-Purple)
    (3) 12" Ultraviolet Cold Cathode Blacklights
    Blue LED Modded DigiDoc5
    All System (including disc drives) LED's replaced with High Intensity Blue LED's
    Purple Strobe Lights
    Painted to match Drive faces
    Clear UV Spray on Motherboard, Sound card, and Video Cooler
    Antec True Control 550watt Power Supply w/UV Green Cover
    and True Control Unit mounted in Top Bay along with Crystalfontz Blue 631
    Neon Green and Chrome expandable sleeving for All Wiring
    "White" Chrome Split Loom Tubing
    UV reactive IDE and Floppy Cables
    Laser Cut Aluminum Fan Grills
    Antec Tri LED 80mm fans
    Koolance Deep Front Bezel

    Believe it or not, this started off as a used Koolance PC2C. I replaced the top three fans for added airflow and looks, I reverse mounted the Antec True Blue 420 92mm intake to blow out, then cut the blowhole for it to increase airflow thru the radiator, in addition to adding a YS Tech 70mmTMD to the front for an intake and a UV coated Clear 80mm in the back for exhaust. I added some Tweakmonster ramsinks to the X800XT PE, and went nuts with all of the UV stuff and blue LED's.
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    Jan 2002
    Well it's not much and it's not finished but here goes

    Token dog pic.

    Which Piano should I buy if I want to play like Mozart?

    GB P35-DS3R q6600@3.15 Kubuntu LinuxUbuntu Linux
    Asus Commando q6600@3.15/1950XTX Winders/VMWare/Kubuntu
    IMac 2ghz c2d OSX 10.4
    Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz c2d
    3DMark 44113

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    Jun 2001
    not in memphis
    Block/Clip (clip is being improved, under development)


    Pump/Res (this is ultra easy to fill and bleed)

    Lit up

    richer by far, with a satisfied mind...

    AMD64 3000 @ 2.5Ghz
    Chaintech ZNF-3 250 /512 Hyperx PC 4000
    2 WD Raptors-- raid 0
    PNY 5900se 256

    HTPC rig
    Albatron N-force
    Barton Mobile 2500/512 HyperX 3500
    WD 120 JB/BTC4x DVD burner
    Liquid Cooled

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    Jun 2001
    I finally got around to finishing my case. The fans on top are lighted with LEDs (same standard koolance fans) 2 LEDs per fan, which are pinched between the fan and the top of the case to hold them in place.

    Koolance Case
    CPU, Northbridge, & Video water cooled
    1600 XP @ 1.9 gHz
    KT3 Ultra2
    Corsair PC3200 512mb CAS2
    Asus GeForce4 Ti 4600
    Audigy 2
    Intel PRO/100S Ethernet Card
    IBM Deskstar 60, 40GB
    Quantum Fireball Plus 40GB
    Western Digital 200Gb (8mb Cache)
    Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE Controller
    Asus 16X DVD
    Iomega 16/12/40 CDRW
    3 80mm Mechtronics fans (2 blowing out, 1 in)
    400w Fortron Power Supply

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    Apr 2002
    Mankato, Minnesota

    XP2400 @ 2000
    DangerDen Maze3, zChip Cooler, and Geforce4 waterblock
    Eheim 1048 and BIX rad
    Asus A7V266-E
    512 Corsair PC2400 CAS2
    Leadtek GeForce4 ti4400@310 core and 650 ram
    Lian-Li PC86 USB
    SB Audigy
    WinTV Theater
    80GB Western Digital w/8meg cache
    16x Sony DVD, 12/4/24 tdk cdrw
    19" NEC MultiSync E900+ and 17" KDS VisualSensations
    Klipsch Promedia 5.1s
    XP Pro

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    Jun 2002
    I just uploaded my first pic, more are on the way...

    56 beware
    ~~My Rig~~
    Lian-li PC65 Case
    Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1850mhz (185fsb x 10) unlocked
    Abit KX7-333R mobo
    Innovatek H20 Cooling on CPU and GPU
    512mb SAMSUNG PC2700
    Abit Siluro Geforce 4 ti4600 running 320/740
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    Plextor 40/12/40a
    WD 120gig HD w/ 8mb cache
    Hardcano II
    Tt Active memory cooling

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    Mar 2003
    First post. Just wanted to add to this thread.

    Load temps at 1.9v for 2100B at 13.5x175 are sub 40C in a warm house.

    Epox 8RDA+, XP1700B@2400, SlitEdge, BIX, 2x256MB PC3200, Matrox G550, Maxtor 40GB, Deathstar 30GB, Pioneer 16x slot, Lian Li PC60
    Epox 8RDA+, XP2100B@2385, LittleRiverWhiteWater #095, Heatercore, Eheim1250, 2x256MB PC3200, GeForce MX2, Nikimi 13GB & Deathstar 30GB

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    Mar 2003

    Soyo dragon Kt400
    XP 2400+
    768mb DDR
    2 80G hd's
    420w PS
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    Jan 2002
    Ok here's my rig, bit rough compared to the some of the very nice rigs I've seen here, mine's always a work in progress;

    T-bred 2100+b@2.405gig, 1.9v, 185x13
    ASUS A7N8X deluxe with v-core volt mod and enhanced north and south bridge cooling
    ATI radeon 9700 pro @ 370/335, still only aircooled, the shame >_<
    512 meg corsair 3200.

    My own design micropin block
    Iwaki MD-20RZ high head pump
    My own design fan forced evaporative cooling

    volt mod

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    Jun 2001
    Not Here
    Here's the Asus A7M266-D setup. It contains: Asus A7M266-D, MP2100's, HWLabs Blazes, Becooling chipset block, Gainward Ti4200 Golden Sample with Swiftech MCW-50 waterblock, Via Aqua 1300 pump, Tygon 1/2" ID tubing, Dtek Pro Chevette radiator with plastic shroud and Titan 120mm Chrome fan. It's setup in an Antec SLK3700 AMB case. The exhaust fan is also a Titan 120mm Chrome fan. Both fans run off of rheostats to adjust the speeds and reduce noise when it's cool and crankup the output when the ambient temps rise.

    I've got all of the parts prepped and ready to install to convert the Iwill MPX2 to water. It's all going in a Lite-on FS-020 case.

    Here's the Abit Siluro GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB video card with the stock heatsink and fan removed. It'll be on the Iwill MPX2 when it gets converted to water.

    Here's the Abit Siluro ready for install. It's cooled by a Swiftech MCW-50 high flow GPU waterblock and 8 Tweakmonster RAM heatsinks. All blocks are mounted using Artic Alumina Thermal Epoxy because Abit didn't put the standard mounting holes in the PCB. I mildly lapped the Tweakmonsters to get the chrome off the mating surface and to smooth it out since there were some ridges.

    Here's the Antec Tru-Power 550 PSU that will hopefully help boost the overclocking on the Iwill MPX2. I used blue, plastic, split loom and blue zipties to tidy up the wiring harness. Not only is it neater, it'll also keep the wires from blocking airflow.

    Here's the Chevette heater core radiator painted dark green metallic. It has 1/2" Outside Diameter fittings to match the Tygon 1/2" ID tubing.

    Here is the radiator with 2 Dtek plastic fan shrouds and a Titan 120mm Chrome fan.

    I'm going to use one of these two pumps. The left one is a Hydor L40 and the right one is a Swiftech MCP300. They both output about the same, but the MCP300 is quite a bit smaller. The only problem is that a couple of people have had leaks with the MCP300. I think I'll give it a try anyways and if it leaks I can swap in the L40.

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    Mar 2003

    CPU-Cooler: Cool-Cases Diamond
    GPU-Cooler: Heatkiller
    Radiator: HTF2-X-Dual
    Pump: Eheim 1048

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    Jun 2002
    ~~My Rig~~
    Lian-li PC65 Case
    Athlon XP 2000+ running at 1850mhz (185fsb x 10) unlocked
    Abit KX7-333R mobo
    Innovatek H20 Cooling on CPU and GPU
    512mb SAMSUNG PC2700
    Abit Siluro Geforce 4 ti4600 running 320/740
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    Plextor 40/12/40a
    WD 120gig HD w/ 8mb cache
    Hardcano II
    Tt Active memory cooling

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    Feb 2003
    HK via Seattle
    Forgot to add my pics to this list. Thanks to all on this forum for some good feedback/suggestions.

    Edit: In answer to grendell's question about the reservoir,

    It does what its suppose to do well. In terms of filling and bleeding air, couldn't be simpler. And the latest version does a better job of preventing vortexes inside. I've got 3 waterblocks +BIX on a hydor L30, but still see a good swirl going on inside. When I was testing with just a CPU block, BIX, and Hydor L30, vortexing was pretty bad.

    My only regret is since I've such a tight space to work with in a mid case, I didn't have a lot of options where to put it. Also, the barbs angle out of the round reservoir make it a bit of a inconvenient. I originally wanted to go with a bayres reservoir that fits in an empty CD drive, but since I got the BIX+2fans up top, it would have been too tight. I think I overtightened the plastic barbs and started noticing some slight cracking (very mild)around the intakes. Teflon tape is sufficient to seal the supplied barbs. As I can't see the reservoir in its current position, I've slapped a generous amount of epoxy glue around the area to ensure that cracking doesnt spread considering all the extra PSU wires hanging nearby and the CDRW/DVD drives underneath it!!!

    other photos available on my

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    Apr 2001
    Plainfield, IL
    The early DD res with the top inlet/bottom outlet and no baffle caused more of a turbulence problem than a vortex issue. High flow hitting the sidewall churns up air bubbles in that small capacity space that get drawn out the outlet for recirculation. Result is it never bleeds. Even adding a GPU block didn't stop it in my system, but a small piece of plastic window screen wrapped around the inside did. The screen helps seperate the water and air without much of a flow loss.

    I am in the process of redoing my LianLi PC70 with Swiftech water blocks. I also moved the pump to the lowest 5.25 bay and put the hard drive carriage back in. I lowered the hard drive carriage mount 3/8" of an inch so it doesn't stick up higher than the front intake fans. I get more airflow to the rear of the case now.

    Not quite done with all the details yet but I will post a pic of the lower section later today.

    Edit: Thanks pakman. I went with the Swiftech blocks cause they look nice and perform well for the 3/8" ID hose size. I like how easy they mount too. That will give me a new look and reduce the inside clutter with the smaller hose size.

    I polish the inside of my aluminum cases by hand with Mother's mag wheel and aluminum polish. Doesn't take long and the results are well worth it.
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