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    Jul 2001

    Game review thread - What to buy and what to avoid.

    This thread is intended to compile the opinions/reviews of forum members on particular games. If you have played a game recently that is exceptional or exceptionally crappy, then let's hear about it!

    Keep in mind, that everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you agree with it or not.

    Be warned that this thread is not for debating!!!
    Any posts deemed to be off-topic will be edited or deleted.

    How this works
    1. Post a reply to this thread with your review.
    2. A moderator will then link your review from the index.
    3. If for any reason a few days go by and the index has not been updated, please send a PM to any one of the Gaming moderators and let them know.

    We started with three smileys for scoring , but soon exceeded the smiley limit on a post ,changed to A , C and F at that time . Now I will add the obvious 2 missing letters of the grading scale .
    All the reviews up to this date (1-28-04) were graded on the old scale FYI if you are wondering why they are no Bs and Ds in them
    Reviewers please assign a Grade at the end of your review

    A = Must Have / Worth Buying
    B = Pretty Good
    C = Indifferent / Mediocre.
    D = Buggy/Poor
    F = Not Good

    AFL Live 2004 - by Mjollnir C
    America's Army: Special Forces -by Zail A
    A Spy in H.A.R.M.S. Way: No One Lives Forever - by Cobra_nVidia B
    Age of Empires II :Age of Kings + Expansion - by Cobra_nVidia B

    Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat - by danny5 A
    Blood Rayne - by Mjollnir B

    Command and Conquer Generals - by hstroud A
    Colin McRae Rally 3 - by Martin_89 A
    Combat Mission - by yacinator
    - CMB0- B+, - CMBB- A, - CMAK- A
    Conflict Desert Storm II : Back to Baghdad - by Mjollnir F

    Devastation - by [BG]SitiZen F
    Deus Ex - by Beto0707 A
    Deus Ex 2 :The Invisible War - by vick1000 F
    Deus Ex 2 :The Invisible War - by Jerky B-
    Dominions 2 : The Ascention of War - by Riddles A+
    Diablo II (acts I-V) - by Cobra_nVidia A

    Enter the Matrix - by Dave H F
    EVE Online - by gdeman F

    Fallout Tactics:Brotherhood of Steel - by Reccy A-
    Far Cry - by Mjollnir A++
    Freelancer - by Jerky A
    Freelancer - by Cobra_nVidia A
    Final Fantasy 11 - by RatboyX A
    F1 Challenge - by Mjollnir A
    F/A 18 Operation Iraqi Freedom - by Mjollnir D
    Freedom Fighters - by thebeatmasta D cliff notes version

    Global Operations - by Reccy B
    Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City - by Jerky F
    Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City - by Rickikaye69 A-
    Grand Prix Legends - by James Smith uber A
    Guild Wars - by Cobra_nVidia 81%

    Half Life 2 - by Finalnight A
    Half Life 2 - by thedrake88 72%
    Halo for PC - by Galeo Deus A
    Hidden and Dangerous 2 - by chavez243ca A?

    IGI-2 :Covert Strike - by Mjollnir B

    Jedi Knight 2: Outcast - by gdeman A
    Jedi Outcast: Dark forces III - by Cobra nVidia B-
    Jetfighter V : Homeland Protector - by djspl F

    Korea : Forgotten Conflict - by Mjollnir F

    Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King - by Mjollnir A
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    Jul 2001
    Morrowind - by Vihsadas A
    Mafia - by Mjollnir A+

    No One Lives Forever :The Operative - by Dante45 C
    Nascar 2003 Season - by James Smith A
    Neverwinter Nights - by AliZeroThree A+


    Pain Killer - by kamikazee F for CD drive issues
    Pirates of the Caribbean - by Redoulent A
    Prince of Persia - by spooks F
    Postal 2 - by Mjollnir A
    Project IGI :Im Going In - by Mjollnir B
    Planetside - by Mordakar B


    Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Review - by Modena A
    Rally Trophy - by Mjollnir A

    Sim City 4 - by Cobra_nVidia A
    Starsky & Hutch - by Aquarianperry A
    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force - by Cobra_nVidia A
    Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic - by Cobra nVidia B
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - by modru2004 8.5
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - by Cobra_nVidia 89%
    State of Emergency - by Mjollnir C
    System Shock - by 85Merk A
    Street Legal - by AmdNoobie C
    Street Legal - by Havox C

    Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - by Cobra_nVidia F
    The Simpsons : Hit and Run - by Zail B
    Top Gun :Combat Zones - by Mjollnir A

    Urban Terror 3.0 (mod for Quake3) - by Angry_Games A
    UT2K3 - by l3p3r_M355i4h A
    Unreal II - XMP - by Dman A

    Vietcong :Purple Haze - by Mjollnir A

    Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - by creeky A
    Wallace and Gromit in Planet Zoo - by Mjollnir A
    Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos - by Cobra_nvidia B
    Worms 3D - by l3p3r_M355i4h C
    Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War - by l3p3r M355i4h A



    Zelda : The Minish Cap - by squalls siefer D
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    Jul 2001
    And another one.
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    Jan 2003
    Elgin, IL


    Devastation is the worst game I have ever bought and played. It is so unfinished so buggy, ugly, stupid, runs like crap on a system that ran Unreal 2 1024x768 with 4xAA and 16xAF @ 75fps. I also get weird brown artifacts all the time. I have updated the game and still. The story sucks also.

    My opinion: Not worth buying!
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    Jul 2001

    Probably one of the BEST games I have played in a very long time. There's so much attention to detail that it's hard to even list! You can customize your ship with new weapons... and you can even buy new ships as you get enough cash.

    Each system has their unique characteristics in architecture, accent, space stations, and ships.

    Two of the best things about Freelancer is:

    1) You can do anything you want (you can dock with pretty much any planet, space station, or capital ship you see).

    2) The story is amazing.

    My only gripe is that the main story is over so fast. Just as you're really getting into it and finally able to afford some really good weapons and ships, the story escalates and sweeps you away towards the climax. This isn't a bad thing, but I just wish I had more time to explore and discover the universe (like you can in Morrowind).

    Awesome game for the single-player experience. I hope they come out with an expansion and add more dimension to the multi-player module.

    BTW, this is NOT a typical space sim. It's more of an action space sim. The interface is DEAD easy to learn and not very complicated at all! In fact, the ship is pilotted by a mouse, which made it appeal to me.

    Also... if you want to experience melees reminiscent of Return of the Jedi, Doom II, and Serious Sam:SE, then you definitely have to play this game!

    - Jerky.
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    Mar 2002

    My review of the Pirates of the Caribbean

    This game can be a lot of fun. Once you get past the learning curve, and build up your skills, you can go on the prowl. Sword fighting can be tricky and deadly.

    The only things I didn't like are:

    No treasure maps to buy and follow.

    No walking the plank for captured captains.

    No taking enemy captains prisoner and collecting the bounty at a
    local prison, or ransoming them back to their country.

    No one, even those who are home, care if you come in and take their valuables.

    when you beat the main quest it ends! I had finally captured an English Man O War. I wanted to get my new toy back to a shipyard and repair it, then go thank England for declaring me a Pirate!

    Tips and Tricks
    Use the terrain to your advantage, if they can only come at you one of one, it makes killing five men possible! Try opening a fight with a gun shot! With enough skill and a good gun, you can drop the first man outright sometimes.

    Get the Master Boarding skill! This skill is crucial to boarding ships without taking too much damage in battle. If you are truly desperate not to lose any officers in the fight on the ship, then wait around on the level you just won til your men heal up. Then move further into the ship. The game doesn't put a time limit.

    To make good money, go to the store in a town. Save your game. Ask the merchant there if he has any cargo he needs moved. He will name a price, a place, and one month to get there. Easy money.

    If the store owner won't give you work, go to the tavern. Ask if there are any merchants scared to travel alone. Work your way up to a better ship, such as a Barque! Once you have a big hold, the store owner will have work for you which pays better!

    Once you have a fast, maneuverable ship it is time to get nasty on the open water. Use the goto command to move in on a ship, you won't take damage while it is moving you. Keep using it til you have a good attack or approach vector.

    If you don't want to fight an approaching vessel on the world map, hit the spacebar before the attack icon appears. This will take you to the sea map, and will reset the random encounters when you go back to the world map. A cheap getaway if you need it.

    There are certain spots in towns and jungles where random items appear, keep and eye out for them and remember where they are. They will randomly replenish themselves. The chest in a room at the tavern can have items someone forgot there when they stayed. So help yourselves.

    Sinking the big ships is worth big time experience. Not that it matters but sinking the black pearl is worth 19000.

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    Jul 2002
    Corvallis, Oregon

    Enter the Matrix

    I was not impressed with the game-play in this title. It was just a run-of-the-mill action game, not breaking any new ground, I guess I expected too much from the game. The only saving grace was the "focus" power, which is a bullet-time rip-off from MaxPayne. The game is buggy, crashes to desktop alot, and the in-game P4 ads make you sick. If you need the game, don't pay more than $10 for it

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    Aug 2001

    Reserved for


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    Jul 2001
    Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City

    I know a lot of people will kill me for this, but I didn't find this game all that interesting. I really didn't see the point of jacking a car each time I enter and exit a building. The story line didn't really intrigue me. The AI is incredibly annoying (you would have thought they would program pedestrians to not cross in front of speeding cars).

    For some reason, the game felt like an adolescent gimmick. It's a teenager's wet dream: steal cars, beat drug dealers, find hookers, and shoot pretty much anything on legs or on 4 wheels.

    I guess this is the reason why games like Postal 2 wouldn't appeal to me either.

    Thumbs down from me. Sorry guys!
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    Feb 2002

    Battlefield 1942 - Desert Combat

    This review (opinion) is based on the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942. This mod is such a substantial change for the basic BF'42 game, that I feel that it deserves mention all of its' own. IMO, it it a totally different game.

    BF'42/DC is primarily geared for online fun. The DC mod replaces most of the WW2 weapons and maps with ones from more modern times.

    This is becoming to be my personal favorite game of all time. The hours seems to pass away very quickly. The DC vehicles are all a blast to operate, and range from the easy battleship, to the difficult Apache helecopter.

    There are so many different weapons and vehicles to drive, I have yet to become tired of this game.

    Graphics for the game are okay, not as good as Morrowind or UT2k3, IMO, but is very good for a FPS. The sounds in this game are excellent, the explosions, the vehicles, and such..

    I give this game my highest rating for FPS... It definitely rates up there with Serious Sam, MOHAA, and RTCW.
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    Jan 2003

    Thumbs up Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi outcast

    An older game but still definitely worth picking it up if not already in your game library.
    If there's one game based on the Star Wars universe that has the most Star Wars "feel" to it , then this is it.
    I have not found much if any flaw with this game, from the story/history, to the superb graphics.
    The game has a nice mix of intense action and story-telling. Its full of content and easy , simple to do, problem solving, it's much like the Tomb Raider series for playstation in terms of gameplay and immersion, only set, of course , on the star wars genre.

    Like I said before the graphics, while maybe not "cutting edge" relatively, are fantastic. the 3D engine couldnt be better. and there is several bonus features added, such as, a matrix style slow motion death scenes.
    The sound is very well done, like laser fire, the trademark lightsabre "whoosh". The voice acting is incredible, and first and foremost is the soundtrack itself, remarkable.
    Jedi Knight Outcast also sports a very solid and fun multiplayer mode with simply awesome Lightsabre dueling action, or shoot 'em up style gun battles for your more simple players.

    I've chosen to first reply with this game as my review. It is definitely in my top ten of most fun games I have ever played.
    Excellent Job.

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    Jan 2003

    Thumbs down EVE Online

    Well, I know many are not into MMoRPGs on this forum, but myself am a big fan. so this will not be " I have never played mmorpgs, but ill pretend to know what im talking about.
    Ive played several, including: Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, Asherons Call.
    I played everquest the longest, for a period of 3 years.

    now onto EVE.
    Do not buy this game regardless of how intriguing the box describes it to be. It is nothing but a monotonous journey into a boring economics class, and even more boring than your droning high school economics teacher. This game is meant for at home mothers that are spending more time doing laundry or watching the kids., and in fact it is even more boring than doing the laundry.
    While the graphics are superb, there is absolutely nothing , and i mean, NOTHING to do., other than mine and trade odds and ends.
    for an idea, here is what mining entails: you pilot your ship up to one of a few asteroid fields in whatever system youre in, activate youur laser, and drill an asteroid ffrom 5 minutes up to 30 minutes, until you fill your cargo, then you autopilot-warp back to a station, sell your rocks, then rinse/repeat. thats it, nothing to it.... this is the game.

    you honestly spend more time doing nothing at staring at the screen doing nothing then anything. there is virtually no content.
    and unfortunately the developers left it up to the player community for the content, and so far, the community is similarily as boring as the game is.. the game seems to be full of sleepy, heavy opiate users. for the good points: the game has EXCELLENT graphics, the backdrops are beautiful, the only porblem is, once youve seen one backdrop for a system youve seen them all... the soundtrack is superb as well.
    i do not recommend EVE online, even if you, like me , love MMORPG's.

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    Jul 2003
    Chicago, IL

    Thumbs down State Of Emergency (PC)

    This review has been removed due to violation of Forum rules

    See here if you want to know why.

    Have a good day everyone!

    - Jerky.
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    Jul 2003
    Garland, TX

    Thumbs up Deus Ex

    Dues Ex: Two Thumbs WAY UP!

    I know this is an old game, but I'm just now getting around to playing it My games backlog is so long...

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    Myst III: Exile -

    Worst game ever, please avoid purchasing. I wouldn't even call it a game, it's a picture book.

    Starlancer -

    $50 when it came out - $1.99 six months ago new from EBgames - probably free if you can still find it. It's a combat flight simulator (based in space) with pretty good graphics and gameplay that isn't bad at all, especially for the price. Online gameplay could be awesome if everyone participated in a giant space dogfight.

    Neverwinter Nights -

    I considered it the Diablo II of 2003. Requires a lot of time, but can be very addictive. Beware
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