When I purchased my Lian-Li case it cost me over $230 and that's without a power supply. But, that was in the beginning. Now a lot of dealers are selling the Lian-Li cases and the price has gone down.

No longer are you limited by the brushed aluminum, black, or silver. They also produce a beige color case.

Take a look here: http://www.directron.com/lianli.html

For as little as $159 plus your own power supply you can have the benifits of an aluminum case. Make sure to look at the interior view, you'll see things not available on any other case.

Notice the hard drive rack sits on the floor of the case, the intake fans blow directly on your hard drives keeping them cool. Another neat feature is the power and led cable, notice it has a connector in the middle, allowing you to disconnect it when removing the motherboard tray without removing the pins from the motherboard header.

Boy, I love this case!!!!!!!!

Almost forgot!!!!! If you want one Pre-Moded see: http://www.designcomp.com/index.htm

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