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    May 2000
    Newport, RI USA


    Last Friday night I ordered split loom and spiral tubing from CASEETC, my order arrived today (boy that was fast).

    Both the Spiral Tubing and Split Loom are 1/4" Red. After three hours of work, disconnecting all the power cables, straightening them out, I used the Spiral Tubing on fan wires and the Split Loom on the standard wiring, using electrial tape on the ends near the molex connectors.

    I then connected everything back up, trying to do as neat a job as possible. I thought I could do better, but unless you cut the cables to size and put on new molex connectors your still going to have excess cable.

    The big difference is that you don't have all those wires opening up and making it look ugly. The inside of my case does look better with the red tubing on the wires and my Silver Rounded Cables.

    That's what I was after, a better more controlled look inside the case. I got it!!!!!! But to my surprise, I got something else, BETTER COOLING!!!!!!!

    All night, no matter what I did, I've been within 1/2 a degree of ambient and the CPU hasn't gone over 92F, which is pretty cool for a 1 gig Thunderbird.

    I did nothing but work on the power cables, nothing else changed.

    Who am I, to look a gift horse in the mouth?????

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    Jun 2000

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    Cole does seem to be able to get stuff out the door pretty fast! Even though I didn't take nearly as much time as you when I did my lame ass loom job It did make a real difference in how I could access things in my already roomy case. If you don't do any other mod to your case I think wrapping the wires and cables is probably the most inexpensive and easy way to get a little extra out of your system. whether it's extra cooling or just controling the clutter.

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