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    May 2000
    Newport, RI USA


    Well I've got my hands on the new Vantec FCE62540D HSF and I can see why Kyle over at [H]ARD|ocp was so impressed.

    While larger than the FOP38 (width) it fit easily on both the Abit KT7 and KT7A- Raid motherboards. Unlike the FOP, it has the BEST CLIP of any HSF I have ever used and when you test as many HSF's as I do this is a MAJOR point.

    While the fan has a Vantec label on one side it has a Delta label on the other. The fan runs over 7000 rpm and has the destinctive Delta whine. If noise is an issue, then you don't want this unit.

    The fan is only effective blowing down on the CPU and what makes this unit a little special is that you do not get a wide variance between idle and load temps. On my system with all my cooling modifications my CPU temp has not risen above 95F, while my system temp hasn't gone above 80F. Under normal operating situations the CPU temp runs between 91-93F.

    Artic Silver is the Thermal Compound used. I am thrilled with this unit, the cost $25.00 complete with fan and chrome grill. It really has a nice secure fit that anyone would feel comfortable with. I would think that most of our members would be happy with this HSF.

    I ordered mine from: but I'm sure other dealers are selling it as well.

    FROM LOUD to quiet, I'm expecting a HSF combo that claims to be the quietest available from the UK, Ill report on it once I've had a chance to put it through its paces.

    You can see it here:

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    Jun 2000
    It is impressive looking.Keep up the the testing PowerHungry your saving me big bucks here That way when I build my next system -I- don't have to buy three or four HS/Fans, and I don't have to read fifty reviews

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