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    Jun 2003
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    Hello everyone. My name is Travis, or Angry_Games, and I'd like to welcome you to our little corner here at Forums.

    We appreciate everyone that stops in looking for help, tips, or just general chitchat. I have two things to talk about real quick, then you can get on to your browsing of the forum =)

    1. To everyone that owns a DFI Motherboard: I am a full time DFI employee, hired to do support for them in this forum. I am here for all of you, and will work hard to solve any problems that you bring to our attention.

    This means you aren't just getting answers from someone that might or might not know the answer to your question/problem. It means that whatever I cannot answer myself, and no one else has the answer, I will forward your problem/question on to the engineers at DFI themselves.

    DFI is, in my opinion, the best motherboard maker I have ever been involved with, and not just because of the products they make. They have the best support efforts in the industry, and work to make sure each customer is happy, which in turn virtually guarantees that we will all be more than willing to try new DFI products as they come out. You will all see the truth of this statement as time goes on!

    2. To those who are thinking of purchasing a DFI motherboard: The fact that this forum has an official DFI tech should make deciding on a DFI an easy choice.

    I've browsed a lot of forums looking for help, and when AMDMB had an official tech (representative) in the Epox forum, I bought an Epox NF2 (8RDA3+), mostly because of the great reveiws, but at least 50% of my decision was the fact that I could get REAL support from Epox right here in our forums!

    Now that we have official representation from DFI, I want to let you know, that you don't have to fear being left in the dark if you purchase a DFI motherboard and run across some issues.

    This place is still relatively new, and we want to make it as easy to find answers as possible, and as friendly as can be. We (me and the mods) are always open to suggestions, all you have to do is PM one of us (I am not a mod but I can forward any question/suggestion you have).

    The other sticky post up here has LOTS of good information for DFI owners, and is going to be edited to include more info, as that info comes in.

    Again, anything that you have questions about, please post. You can always PM me, or send me an email (in my sig). Thanks!

    Travis H.
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    Hola all DFI'ers.

    If you are reporting a problem or have some questions, please, please, go into your user control panel here at the forums and add your system's specs to your signature.

    This is essential so that I nor anyone else that answers doesn't have to constantly ask (or re-read by scrolling back up or a page back a hundred times) what RAM or video card you have.

    It doesn't have to be pretty (like mine heh) just needs to be listed.

    Should include:
    • which model of motherboard and which BIOS version
    • cpu and how you cool it
    • RAM make and specs, 2x256 or 1x512 so we know =) (chip type like Winbond or Samsung or Hynix etc is preferrable too but not necessary)
    • Video card model (radeon 9600XT or FX5950 Ultra etc)
    • Hard drives, either PATA or SATA or both, sizes/models, if you have them in RAID array
    • Sound card or onboard sound. If you are having a problem with onboard or PCI sound audio, list driver version also
    • Other that you might want or need listed (see below this)

    Other: If you are having a specific problem, edit your sig for the time being to reflect this. For instance, if you are having a problem with the Soundstorm onboard audio, edit your sig a bit and leave the driver version you are using next to it.

    Or say an overclock problem...then list your fastest stable overclock. For instance if you can easily do 230, but need help trying to get to 235 or such, listing your best overclock that is stable enables us to see what settings you have going and can better suggest our opinions in return.

    Voltages are good to list to for overclocking problems. If you come and tell us you can hit 200 but not 205, and don't list any voltages or RAM settings, it could be a crapshoot as to what the reason you can't get higher is.

    My point is...there are many many many friendly and knowledgable people here. I'm around a lot but not 100% of the time, and besides, if you only would listen to things that I alone told you, you would scare me LOL. Getting verification from me on something PLUS 10 other users giving their thoughts, opinions, experiences is much much better. I can do a lot of things that a lot of you cannot do on these boards...simply by experience and sometimes intimate knowledge. There are things I learn from you guys every day just by reading the communication back and forth between everyone. (I just dont admit i learning from you guys as well cuz it makes me look cheesier heh).

    And those people are like me, not psychic. We need as much information about your machine as you can give us. The more the better. Trust me when I say i've seen new forum users post a problem and had his complete specs in his sig and 10 guys jumped in and gave him the right answer right away, with about 3 different variations of how to do it right =). Just because they saw instantly something they have seen themselves and knew right away what to check for!!!

    I know I harp on this sig thing alot. But its very important. I want to give you good service, and you want to give good service. You have to give me a little work in the short-run to get a lot of work in the long run I will always answer your questions even if you don't put your specs in your sig. But my answers will seem redundant a lot if I have no clue what is in your machine. It is aggravating to have to exchange up to 5 or more emails just to establish what motherboard model a customer has sometimes!

    I don't care if you list it in a colum or separated by // or :: or in a graphic long as the info is there. Regulars here know that after time, and you learn your rig by heart, you can cut down the sig a little or a lot or such. But at first, or when you have a problem, be as complete as you can!!

    You let me know what you got, and me along with everyone else here will always do our best to fix your issues, offer advice, help out in any way.

    argh I hate speeches too. Hope everyone reads this, both new users all the way down to the oldest DFI vets

    Thank you,

    Travis (Angry_Speechmaker)

    The amdmb forums staff also asks that the total size in bytes of images in sigs be limited to 50K, and that they not cause any horizontal scrolling.

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    DFI Motherboards - Important Information & Links

    Official DFI LANPARTY Website:
    Official DFI LanParty website!

    Official DFI Support Page (all models):
    Official DFI Support Page

    Official DFI LanParty Memory Support (KT400A):
    Official LANPARTY Memory Support (KT400A)

    Official DFI LANPARTY Memory Support (NForce2):
    Official DFI LANPARTY Memory Support (NForce2)

    Official DFI Downloads Page (all models):
    Official DFI Download Page (all models including LANPARTY)

    Official DFI LanParty Downloads Page:
    Official DFI LanParty Downloads Page (KT400A, NForce2, Intel Pro875)

    Important DFI FAQs:
    Important DFI FAQs!!! (incomplete, but I am working on it!!!)

    DFI Beta BIOSes:
    DFI Beta BIOSes created by Oskar Wu

    Angry_Games's page of good stuff to check out! (lots of pics!):
    Angry_Games's Page of Goodies

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    1. Prime95 - This program will test out your cpu/RAM stability like no other. It will also test out how good your cooling is!

    2. Memtest86 - this free software will report errors in your RAM on yoru system without Windows being needed. Its a more thorough memory tester than the BIOS's own memory test at boot.

    3. Nforce2 Beta Performance BIOS - This Beta BIOS can help XP1700 users, as well as users experiencing problems with their RAM/timings. This also has a few more settings to mess with, and is considered good for overclocking. Remember....its a BETA =)

    4. Winbond Hardware Doctor Monitoring Utility for NF2 LanParty - This is straight off the CD-ROM. Works better than Motherboard Monitor for the DFI motherboards.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Specific Help Threads In This DFI Forum

    DFI LanParty - booting with SATA hdd (NF2 &KT400A)- posted by tonester50
    Problem: Booting with a SATA hard drive
    Solution: [list=1][*]There is an error in the manual (and there is no updated manual with the correct settings yet 7-20-2003). J24 on the board should be ON, not OFF. It was basically backwards. I had figured this out already, but figure it was worth mentioning. This is not what was stopping it from working for me.[*]BOOT OTHER DEVICE in the bios should be DISABLED. Not enabled (despite what I was told by several people).[*]RAID CONTROLLER should be DISABLED in the bios, not enabled. (again, despite what I was told).[*]SATA CONTROLLER should be ENABLED.[/list=1]
    If you have those 4 things correct, the SATA drive loads fine on this motherboard and does so without any other software or settings. The folks at DFI are going to update their site with the info and fix the misprints.

    DFI LanParty NF2/KT400A - SATA + RAID - posted by tonester50
    Problem: Using RAID with SATA controller
    Solution: You are unable to use the SATA controller to run RAID configurations. The SATA controller on both the KT400A and the NFII are single channel controllers.

    It should be noted that the RAID and SATA controllers are the same on both the NF2 and the KT400A, so RAID will not work using a SATA drive on either motherboard.

    NForce2 Vmem voltage increase? - posted by robbot
    Problem: Will there be a bios change to allow increase Vmem voltage beyond 2.8?
    Solution: DFI Tech Support: ďWe did check with DFI H/Q. Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is no way to widen the VDIMM settings without hardware change. We took this lesson for our future products.Ē

    Problem with NF2 & Linux (RAID) - posted by dter
    Problem: Problem getting RAID to run under Knoppix linux distribution
    Solution: Some linux distributions do not come with third-party drivers. More information in this thread (click above!)

    Mounting holes around ziff socket for after-market heatsinks - posted by robbit
    Problem: Are there mounting holes on the NForce 2 LanParty for large heatsinks that require them?
    Solution: No. At this time, the current revision of the DFI LanParty NForce2 does not have mounting holes around the ziff socket. DFI hopes to resolve this with the next revision.

    Official DFI Statement Concerning GEIL DDR Compatibility
    Synopsis: Yes, GEIL golden dragon PC3200 is compatible with our LANPARTY and most products. This model is cost effective. We also tested it on our new 865PE Infinity and LANPARTY 865PE.

    But there's problem with GEIL modules with blue shield. No matter how we change the timing, these modules do not work with stability. There's the same failure on ASUS and Gigabyte boards. GEIL has been checking what happened to those modules with blue shield.

    Settings for Serial ATA (SATA) and RAID - DFI NForce2 Ultra LanParty
    How do I setup RAID with a Serial ATA drive connected?
    Solution: Setup by DFI:
    I Have just finished setting up the MB (NFII Ultra) with SATA and Raid enabled. I will go over the steps with you.

    First you will have to setup Raid. Have the SATA plugged in, two HDD combined, setting one as Master and one as Slave and plug that into Raid Primary port. Make sure you don't have anything plugged in the normal Primary IDE1 port.

    I also have my CD-ROM drive plugged into IDE2, and floppy in the floppy port.

    From there start your system, when you see to setup Raid press "Control H", delete mirroring image if it asks you to do so.

    Then select Create Array, and I used Raid 0 for stripping, which will take you through pretty fast. (You can set the block size as any, but I stayed with 64k)

    After the creation, exit and restart system and shut down.....

    (click link above for more)

    Onboard SS Audio w/5.1 Speakers - How To Connect Them - This thread helps anyone with Analog 5.1 speakers trying to connect all 3 jacks to the Onboard audio.

    Getting Dual-Channel to function on the DFI NF2 LanParty - this should answer any questions on the NF2 and Dual Channel RAM =)


    EDIT: If you guys read any of this and find a mistake, or I have given credit to the wrong person, please PM me and I will have the moderator change it. Or you can email me from the link in my sig. Thanks!
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    Where can I purchase extra DFI UV cables for my motherboard?
    Question: Where can I some of the same UV IDE rounded cables like the ones that came with my LanParty motherboard?

    Answer: You may purchase them from online retailers such as SVC, which carries the Green UV 10", 18", and 24" ATA133 rounded cables.

    Another place to try is but you might have to email them about which colors and sizes they might also have.

    thanks to No Tact for the SVC links, and rushhug for the ATACOM links!

    The correct way to flash your BIOS
    Question: What is the best way to flash my BIOS?
    Answer: After flashing your BIOS, you should power down the computer when after the flash procedure exits and restarts your computer.

    For the best guarantee that everything works properly:[list=1][*]Unplug the power cord to the computer to completely power down[*]clear CMOS jumper for 30 seconds[*]Power computer back up, and immediately go into the BIOS[*]Choose "Load Failsafe Defaults" or "Load Optimized" [*]Save and exit[*]Immediately after reboot, go back into the BIOS and configure to your liking[/list=1] Clearing CMOS after a flash helps clear any old settings in the BIOS that might conflict with the new BIOS codes. (*Thanks BMW!*)

    Always remember to completely power down the board by removing the computer's power cable or the motherboard's ATX power block plug before clearing the CMOS jumper. This is straight from DFI.

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    Western Digital parallel-ATA hard drives obey a somewhat different set of jumpering rules.

    * If the drive is jumpered to be MASTER, the system will expect to find its slave and will keep looking until it does, or the IDE detection phase of POST times out.

    * If the drive is jumpered to be SLAVE, the system will expect to find its master and will keep looking until it does, or the IDE detection phase of POST times out.

    A master or slave setting without the counterpart being present usually appears as the system hanging or freezing. On detection timeout, the system usually tries to continue booting, often with the boot drive not being found either. Attempted warm reboots sometimes allow the system to boot, but with some risk of subsequent data corruption.

    When the jumper is removed, the drive is set to run in single (stand-alone) mode. CS (cable select mode) generally works the same as single mode in this case.

    CS mode often works with other IDE/ATAPI devices but in general, it is better to use CS mode only with another hard drive. With an optical on the cable with it, use master/slave settings.


    The drive docs and label on the drive show jumpering a set of pins (on the bottom row of pins) for single mode. All pins on that row are ground, thus it is really just a place to store the jumper, and equivalent to using no jumper at all.

    Raptor SATA:

    The Raptor has a jumper block located next to the legacy ATA power connector. The only use of this jumper block is to enable or disable the drive's power management mode. The drives ship in the default position of pins 1-2 jumpered (disabled). Alternatelty, the jumper can be removed with the same result. Jumpering pins 3 and 4 causes the drive to power-up in standby mode. For most users this position should not be used.


    * there are no master/slave/CS relationships in SATA.

    * when the larger SATA models have posted docs, their jumper settings, if any, will be added to this post.


    Note: [Not to be copied without the owners permission]
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    Hate typing? Want to talk to Angry via voice?

    HI all. Angry here once again, bringing you another wonderful mode of support to DFI customers.

    Many of you have heard of this new program we are using, its called Ventrilo. Ventrilo is a Voice over IP (VoIP) program like Teamspeak, Teamsound, RogerWilco, etc. The major difference is that Ventrilo is as crystal clear as a fiber optic telephone most times.

    Ventrilo is a free, easy to use program, and can be downloaded for free HERE.

    Windows users want this version: Windows i386 - 32bit 2.1.3 . Make sure you get the client, as that is the only thing you need.

    instructions for setup can be found

    HERE. Its really a simple program to use.

    PLEASE USE A HEADSET AND MICROPHONE, NOT YOUR SPEAKERS!!!!. Remember there will be others on, and if you use just your speakers, you will most likely give/cause feedback, and annoy the heck out of others, and possibly get booted from the channel.

    Also, in the setup, please uncheck 'play mic clicks'.

    Ok, well, the info you need!

    host IP:
    password: dfi

    when you log on, you should see me! I will probably not be around much today again, as I am still getting over sickness. A few of the regulars around here have already tested it with me, and can be a good guide for helping set it up for you if you have problems!

    Thanks all!

    Travis - Angry_Games

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    t_ski's CMOS Reloaded FAQ


    Hello fellow DFI users. t_ski here with another exciting FAQ. This is obviously a work in progress, so there will be lots of changes, additions, updates, etc. in the future. Please post any additional info you would like to see here and I will update the original post with that info to keep all the relevant stuff at the top where it belongs. You must include the question and a link to the thread or other site that provides the answer. PLEASE don't post here asking a question that hasn't been answered. That wouldn't be a Freguently Asked Question. For those topics, please use the search feature.

    Some of this info is taken from "THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DFI THREAD YOU WILL READ" thread posted by Angry_Games (please read that one, too). The rest is from other posts in this forum and lots of other sites on the web.


    How can I successfully clear the CMOS by hot key without moving the jumper setting? I failed upon following the procedure described in "CMOS Reloaded User's Guide".


    If you failed in using the suggested procedure in "CMOS Reloaded User's Guide" to clear the CMOS, please try this recommended procedure by pressing "Insert" key upon powering up the system. You can release the pressing of "Insert" key when the screen starts displaying. Then, please press "Del" key to enter main menu of BIOS setting to run "Load Optimized Defaults".

    The related models are:

    Product Name

    1 865PE INFINITY

    2 865PE INFINITY rev. B

    3 875 INFINITY

    4 875 INFINITY rev. B

    5 LANPARTY 865PE

    6 LANPARTY 865PE rev. B



    9 LANPARTY PRO875B rev. B


    Possible issues

    I have a Thermalright heatsink (or other bolt-on heatsink). Is there anything I should be aware of? and

    My board seems to be twisted or warped around the ZIP socket. Is this a problem?

    My computer wonít boot, or has trouble booting when turned off at the power supply. OR My LAN-Party "B" is showing me all four LEDís and wonít boot.

    I have heard about slow SATA RAID Performance. Is there anything to this?

    Iíve noticed some wild fluctuations in the voltages. Why is that?

    Basic stuff

    Iím new to overclocking. How do I do it?

    I have questions about overclocking. Who should I ask?

    How do I find out how fast my memory can go?

    Can someone explain the AMD steppings to me?

    How do I choose a Thoroughbred processor?

    Is there a way to find out about my Thoroughbred CPU from the steppings in the sticker?

    How do I do the "Pin Trick?"

    How do I unlock CPU multipliers?

    About the boards

    Which model Bios Savior do I need to buy?

    What are the differences between the Infinity and the LAN Party B?

    Iíve heard some Mosfets need additional cooling. Which ones are they?

    Are there other hot spots on the DFI boards?

    Where do I get BGA RAMsinks?

    The hardware Doctor software keeps alarming out when I set the DIMM voltage over 3v in the BIOS. Is there a fix for this?

    Where can I find BIOS files?
    Official files:
    BETA BIOSís:

    How do I do the nforce2 idle temp tweak?

    What is the best way to clear the CMOS?

    What is that square 4-pin connector by the AGP slot for? Should I use it?

    What is the best order in which to install Windows and the drivers for my hardware?

    I would like to replace the northbridge cooler on my board. What are some other good ones I can use? and

    What is a good way to attach the heatsinks to my NB, SB, or mosfets?

    I need a game port for my controller, but my Infinity/LP-B doesnít have one. Now What?

    Is there any way to turn off the red diagnostic LEDís on my board?

    What do the 12v, 5v, and 3.3v rails power on the DFI boards?

    Do I need to do the L12 mod on my Infinity/LP-B?

    Do I need to format my hard drive and re-install Windows when upgrading to this motherboard?

    I've lost my LAN. How can I fix this?

    BIOS Settings

    I have questions about memory timings?
    Drislerís Memory FAQ
    Memory Forum

    I have questions about DFIís CMOS Reloaded.

    What should I have the AGP clock set at?

    I have a ton of info to add to this section, so please wait for the update before sending suggestions for this part. I should have it updated in the next day or two.

    Contact DFI

    Voice over LAN

    DFI offices:

    DFI Inc. 100, Huan-Ho Street, Hsi-Chih City Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    TEL: +886(2)2694-2986
    FAX: +886(2)2694-3226 E-Mail:

    DFI Technologies, Inc. 732-C Striker Ave. Sacramento, CA 95834
    TEL: +1-916-568-1234
    FAX: +1-916-568-1233

    ITOX, Inc. 8 Elkins Road E. Brunswick, NJ 08816, U.S.A.
    Tel: +1-732-390-2815
    Fax: +1-732-390-2817

    Branch Offices
    DFI (San Jose), Inc. 30991 San Clemente St. Hayward, CA. 94545 USA
    TEL: 1-510-274-8000
    FAX: 1-510-274-8012

    Diamond Flower Information (NL) B.V.
    Shannonweg 11 3197 LG Rotterdam/Botlek Port no.5087 The Netherlands
    TEL: +31(10)296-1846
    FAX: +31(10)296-1849

    Fun Stuff

    Why do I tweak? (AG & Momma stories)


    Toaster sigs

    AGís website
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    Power Supply Information

    here's a good thread on some excellent information about Power Supplies!

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    Jun 2003
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    Proper way to clear CMOS

    Here is the 'official' DFI way of clearing the CMOS:

    every time you flash to a new bios, it is very important to clear the old BIOS settings out this way:

    1. pull power
    2. pull battery
    3. clear cmos jumper for minimum of 30-60 seconds
    4. replace cmos jumper to normal position
    5. replace battery
    6. replace power
    7. boot to bios and load optimized defaults
    8. save and exit
    9. boot back to bios and now you can change settings to your liking.

    always remember that alpha and beta bioses are to be used at your own risk. they are not official BIOSes for a reason.

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    Jun 2003
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    4-pin 12v psu lead should be connected to board!!!!

    Dear Customer,

    The additional ATX 12V connection housing is design for providing independent power source for CPU. On DFI AMD platforms, we provide independent source for CPU and also reserved the power sharing from system power connector. Even if you donít plug the additional 12V connection, the system still can run normally. We recommend you connecting the additional 12V to provide CPU an independent power source to guarantee the better stability. If the PSU supplier does not attach the connector for additional 12V, you can buy the adaptor from computer accessory store.

    For all Intel P4 platforms, additional 12V is absolutely required since there will be higher power consumption for CPU.

    Best Regards,
    DFI Support

    also, vdimm (memory) gets power/voltage from the +3.3v line of your PSU.

    See above post about Power Supplies for more information

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    Jun 2003
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    Jun 2003
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    everything you need to get started (overclocking/benchmarking):



    SiSoft Sandra


    3D Mark 2001

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    Jun 2003
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    probably one of the best XP Tweak guides on the net, by Black Viper:


    I've shaved off 35MB on boot tweaking with this

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    Jun 2003
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    Where to get BIOS Saviour and/or extra BIOS chip

    You can order a BIOS Saviour (in USA) from this location:



    Hi Travis,
    Here's another BIOS Savior source. Great service.
    HighSpeed PC, LLC BIOS Savior:

    RD1PMC4 BIOS Savior model RD1-PMC4 1 $24.99 $24.99
    Shipping: Priority Mail: $3.85
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Total: $28.84


    ^ RD1-PMC4 Bios Savior for £27.03 (inc VAT) in the UK.


    I will post UK/EU locations as soon as I have them. If anyone knows of other places to purchase this, please PM me (do not post in this thread)


    Extra BIOS chip - until DFI starts to sell these ourselves, here is where you can purchase extra bios chip for your LanParty/Infinity motherboards:
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    Recommended install of Windows XP (Home or Pro)

    First thing, make sure your XP has Service Pack 1a already integrated into it. Most XP's are all now integrated, but maybe some of you have an older copy of it without this. Please click this link and learn how to integrate it into an XP installation cd.

    Integrating SP1a into Windows XP (Home & Pro versions)


    Basic order of loading software on fresh/new install:

    1. Windows XP w/SP1a
    - 1a. If you need LAN drivers to connect to internet, or modem drivers, please install ONLY the LAN/modem driver needed to connect.
    2. WindowsUpdate Critical updates
    3. check again for Critical updates, download, or if none, go to #4
    4. chipset drivers - off your cd for Intel boards, 3.13 Nvidia NF2 chipset drivers
    5. DirectX9b (can download from windowsupdate non-criticals)
    6. Video Card Drivers (ATI/NVidia etc)
    7. Audio card drivers/periphial drivers (printers, scanners etc)
    8. Windows update for driver updates/non-criticals like WinMedia9 etc
    9. Anti-Virus and other software
    10. remember to CHECK FOR UPDATES WEEKLY! Windowsupdate, Norton/McAffee anti-virus, etc.

    NOTE: the LanParty NF2B (any NF2 board with Gigabit LAN, and this also includes the Intel boards) has Gigabit LAN...the driver for this will NOT be in the 3.13 or chipset drivers is on the CD-ROM that came with the board (LP-B and Intel boards alike).

    once you install this LAN driver, you can access your network/cable/dsl, and windowsupdate will have an updated driver for it most likely =)


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