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    Jan 2001
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    the other day i installed a fan on the side of my case blowing hot air out.i didnt have anything to cut an actual fan sized hole so i drilled a bunch of small holes where the fan is, i closed my case and temps droped from 55-59 proc, 42-45 mobo to 47 proc,37-8 mobo.

    today i finnished the job by cutting an actual hole the size of my fan and my temps dropped 3 degrees overall.proc45 ,mobo 35.

    since this shows such a clear advantage im gonna cut a fan sized hole on the fan in the ffront of my case where my cool air intake is. hopefully i get another 3 degree drop [or more ] becuase then with 2 fans installed ill have the same temps closed case as i used to have on a open case.

    Hot deals trading rules
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    Feb 2001


    Tried to built a quiet high flowing system.

    I cut the a 92 mm opened the front plastic in the supply lower front portion on my case. Installed a 92mm open grill, drilled addition holes in the plastic case, got stick on velcro tape, bought Walmart grey registar grey filters, & placed it over the lower front case as a filter. Cut the sheet metal out inside front, placed a 92mm Paniflo low dba fan plus a Enermax 80mm thermo-controlled fan blowing in. Cut two openings in the side case, installed 80 mm Enermax on the intake with screen filter, with a matched fan upper sucking out by cpu. Also have another 80mm Enermax midway rear sucking out, & finally a 92mm Panifol rear sucking out at the rear top of the case. Have a Vantec S/HD cooler & noise Enermax 450 P/S. It moves a lot air but is not that loud. When I replaced my Sunon 23cfm fans on my A 7125 with Y/S Quiet 21cfm fans now my CDRW is the loudest item in the case.

    Buy quality low DBa Fans!!!

    Can't wait to see how this setup does with the new A7V133a M/B with a Alpha PEP 66 cooler. The slot A only runs 95*F under load on a hot day in my computer room.


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    May 2000
    The more the air flows through your box, the better

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