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    I'm wondering what the normal temperature in centigrade is for my setup, which is -

    k75-700mhz .18
    ASUStek K7M
    TNT2 Ultra
    Tower Case
    !!Not Overclocked!!
    I can see two fans from outside (never opened case)

    I've been trying to compare the temperature I get from different programs to other similar systems but haven't found any and would like to get some info on this.

    I've tried many (about 10) different temp programs and all of them only show me the case or motherboard temperature, but not the CPU temp. The BIOS doesn't have a temp section.

    In all programs my normal case/motherboard temp is always 43 centigrade, which I think is a bit high from what I've read. (when I startup the computer its 33 but rises to 43) One program also says that my CPU temp is -48 which is obviously wrong. (Motherboard monitor 5.04).

    The K7M uses the WINBond sensors and has 2 sensors for CPU and Case temperatures, but mine only displays the Case, anyone know why this could be?

    Room temp is about 25c.


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    May 2000
    Unless I'm mistaken you need a special cable or a special heatsink fan assembly in order to measure your CPU temp. Check page 28 of your users manual.

    [i] 3.6.4 Smart Thermal Solutions
    Two smart solutions to Slot A CPU thermal problems are available from ASUS TeK COMPUTER INC.: the ASUS Smart Fan or ASUS S-K7FAN and the ASUS P2T Cable.

    Basically the ASUS S-K7FAN has an integrated thermal sensor located near the center of the CPU heat source. The P2T cable has a sensor on one end that you stick on the CPU, and on the other end a connector that you plug into the motherboard. Hope this helps! Take care!!!!

    K7M v1.04
    K7 600MHz (non o/c)
    256MB Corsair PC133 CAS2
    40X CD-ROM
    HP 12X8X32X CDRW
    IBM 20.5GB Deskstar 7200rpm, UDMA 66
    IBM 10.1GB Deskstar 5400rpm, UDMA 33
    3D Prophet2 64 megger
    CL SB AWE64 (No complaints, cheap($28) and does what I want)
    USR/3 COM 56K .v90
    INWIN S500 case, 300W PS, 2 case fans
    Win 98 1st Ed.
    ViewSonic A110 21"
    APC Back UPS Pro 500

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