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    Jun 2003
    Renton, Washington

    Exclamation Need HELP FAST!! 9800 pro 256mb cant change res. or color count

    Just installed my Sapphire 9800pro 256mb card...and right off the bat i cannot change the resolution or color depth...ihave installed the drivers but everytime i go to change the res or color it defaults back to 640x480 and 4bit color..i dont get it and not only that but on bootup the whole screen has these blocky images al over it that vibrate my logon sceen is just about unreadable and typing in here is just about unbareable is this card defective or is something else going on?
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    Dec 2001
    RMA time!!Bad RAM gives you those blocky artifacts in BIOS, and OS.
    Sys #1 "DXP-GT"...3D01=20769...3D03=11793...AQM3=54463
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    1x Maxtor 40GB ATA133 8MB Cache
    1x Western Digital 120GB ATA100 8MB Cache
    eVGA GeForce 6800GT 256MB - ForceWare 61.77- Coolbits 2.0 - 400/1100 - Arctic Silencer 5
    nForce Soundstorm Digital Sound ->Digital Fiber Optic
    nForce 1394 Firewire
    Antec 550 Watt True Power PSU

    Sys #2 "TiVO XP"...3D01=?????...3D03=????
    Athlon XP 2600+ Barton & SLK-700 w/ TMD fan (200x11=2200:3200+)
    Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro - PR3ACHER F12 - UDP 3.13
    512MB Corsair XMS3200LLPT TwinX in Dual Channel(2x256)
    1x Hitatchi 120GB ATA100 8MB 7200RPM
    XFX GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB - 61.77
    Leadtek TV2000XP Expert Tuner
    nForce Soundstorm Digital Sound ->Digital Coax
    nForce 1394 Firewire
    Allied 450 Watt PSU

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