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    Nov 2003
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    Re: "unlocking" Cpu Multipliers

    Quote Originally Posted by stevo8891
    can i unlock the 15x multiplier on my CPU? right now it is (200x15) and i want to change it to (300x10) so i can keep the CPU Freq. the same while my FSB will be 1,200 and my ram will be 600 Dual Channel
    Sorry but you can' t unlock the multiplier on your cpu. There is one way to unlock a P4 Prescott multiplier. I could not remember right mobo model but you should buy an Asus LGA 775 mobo, and Prescott 3.2 LGA 775 processor.

    If you can get correct mobo and processor, then you can change the multiplier. However you will not able to access all multipliers. : (
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    Oct 2004

    Re: "unlocking" Cpu Multipliers

    I have a 3200+ XP if I bridge the L5 pin to mod it into mobile ( just to use L6 as multiplier), will it work on a Nforce2 motherboard? Or does it work only on VIA and SiS chipsets?
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    Dec 2004

    Re: "unlocking" Cpu Multipliers

    Re:mobile mod and software multiplier-As far as I know it will not work with nvidia chipset.
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    Jul 2001

    Re: "unlocking" Cpu Multipliers

    Soyo KT600 Platinum V 1.0 does not unlock my Barton 3200 400

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    Apr 2005

    Re: "unlocking" Cpu Multipliers

    Iv got a new "superlocked" 2700+ (333)
    I know how to do the mod. Iv read all the posts TWICE......

    Just want to make sure "for sure that" it will work on my cpu before i try it....
    looking for a multi of 12 instead of stock 13....

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