Well, many of you A7V owners are probably upset about the stability of your system, I know I was. It seemed no matter what configuration/software/bios I used I couldnt get 100% reliability. I got close by removing my SB Live card, but the occasional crash would still happen.....until I made these changes:

1. Changed from Jumperless to Jumper Mode
2. Disabled onboard sound via jumpers (not thru bios as I did before)
3. Changed the frequency selector DIP to the REAL 100(bus)/33(pci) directions found here: http://members.tripod.de/Juggernaut/...shes/index.htm
4. Changed the I/O Voltage (VIO) to 3.35 thru jumpers

Now 3DMark and other tools show a proper CPU speed of 700Mhz rather than 707 or 708 and system is rock stable. I'm not sure which one of the steps was the demon killer, but the combo sure works well.

My system config is:
Hardware: -----------------------
Early Duron 700 (L1 are factory closed) @ 700 on early A7V (1.01?)
PC133 256MB CAS3 RAM
Leadtek Geforce2MX @ 221/190
Seagate ATA66 30Gb on Promise
SB Live Value using driver-only LiveWare 3.0
Adaptec 7850 PCI SCSI - CD-ROM, CD-R
Linksys LNE100TX NIC
USB HP932C Printer, USB Epson 610 Scanner
Bios: -------------------------------
v1006, Fast writes enabled, PCI to DRAM Prefetch enabled, 4X, everything else performance-wise is default
Software : ------------------------
Windows 2000SP1, ACPI
DirectX 8.0, Detonator 6.67
Via 4in1 4.28 (did not install IDE stuff, no need)
Promise driver 1.60 Build 25
AMD Windows 2000 registry patch
DID NOT USE Microsoft Via patch