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Thread: ati heatsinks

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    Nov 2002
    how can i find out my vid card temps?

    ps. i posted this reply 2 days ago and it never showed up
    Lian-Li PC-7 w/see through side
    Asus nforce2 A7N8X Deluxe
    AMD ATHLON XP 2800+ Barton
    2x 1GB pqi PC2700
    ATI AIW X800XT 256MB
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality
    Antec P/S 380W ATX12V
    VANTEC AeroFlow VA4-C7040
    Pioneer DVD-120 DVD-ROM
    BenQ DW1640 DL DVD+R
    200GB Seagate HDD

    1-0-0 Heatware

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    Jan 2003
    Try using a external device like Digital Doc5 or CompuNurse and place the flat sensor at corner edge and not on the R350 core.

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    Mar 2003
    I have a gigacube 9800pro and I took the original heatsink off to put some arctic ceramique and now I noticed the heatsink is a abit loose now... is there some sort of adhesive that they usually put on between the core and heatsink..

    Even tho the 2 bolts are attaching the heatsink and both clipped in, I can move the heatsink when I fiddle with it..

    Should I have used something else to attach it??
    And yeah it was a real bitch to take it off..

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