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    Aug 2001

    Thread/Post Quality/Respect

    We posted this thread a few times earlier as a reminder.

    Let me expand on a few issues we've been thinking about:

    Thread Quality: As Ive said before....if it makes sense....and has a point? No problem. Its obvious that we will let most any subject run its course.
    But just plain stupid stuff? No.
    Or what I call "limit finding subjects"? We look real close at those.

    "Do you whack it" sort of subjects. Give us a break.
    We will close em as fast as we find them.

    Post Quality: We all enjoy the free flow conversation....that an interesting topic causes....but why be insulting and trash a legit thread. Why be childish and foul mouthed?

    Respect: The author of any good thread deserves some respect. Id like to see more members report thread crapping when THEY feel its happening. Far as Im concerned? Good Thread? You own it. Protect it. You neednt see your thread turn into a joke[unless intended] or an accumulation of pointless or insulting posts. Let us Mods know.
    But we cant think thru that issue for you. Its your issue.
    But we are all available.
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