noorman is pretty spot on about it. 8 can be noticeably quicker than 7 and does use fewer resources but thatFisher-Price Metro/Modern/Tiled GUI is only useful on a touch screen. If you install one of the Classic Menu programs like Classic Menu or Stardock's Start 8 (among others) you can replicate the Win 7 GUI almost entirely. They will even boot directly to the traditional desktop and restore direct access to the COntrol Panel. The major difference is you don't have the Aero Interface look which makes it look like a 1980s GUI instead of a 21st century one. gives you some of the options for adding the classic menus to Win 7.

I still prefer 7 though, but I can live with 8 quite well if it has one of the classic start menus added. I only have 8 to provide support to users with it and I was able to get a couple of free licenses for it otherwise I would be totally 7 or Linux.