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    Oct 2002
    Miami, FL
    Give it a try with 1.7vcore. Just be sure your ram is set to run at 400.
    AND Phenom X3 8650
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    May 2001
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi Everyone,

    I have updated this thread at the begining but since most read the last post here is the update as well.

    Well I thought it time to update everyone on the SATA and IDE HDD corruption issues. It seems that Via's latest SATA driver 220d has fixed the corruption problems once and for all. I won't go into any detail but the info below is for the most redundant and outdated. The process to follow to get a stable system is as follows.

    1. Download and install the latest Via SATA drivers. This post will point to the download page as pointing the file will date with time. At the time of writing it is version 220d and it seem really solid.

    2. Bios version 1006 final is rock solid as well. There is a new beta bios on th Asus site 1007.003 beta which has an updated raid bios as well but I have not tested this yet.

    3. Via 4in1 drivers. I am running 4.49 as they are stable with the above bios and SATA drivers. I find the latest 4.51 unstable on my setup but that just might be me. Anyway you can get the latest 4in1 or Hyperion drivers as they are now called here. If you want older drivers then you can get all versions of the older drivers at

    4. I am still running the MS Win Xp hotfix for large drives which can be found here.;[LN];331958 It might not be needed now Via have got their act together but I am running it and it is stable. It updates the atapi.sys file which when updated allows MS Win XP to work with disks larger than 137GB. I have a 120GB hdd with a 8mb onboard cache. The hotfix forces the flush cache command to happen on the disk before shutdown and hibenation etc so in my books it is worth installing as the fix wont be perminant until SP2 comes out sometime this year.

    Last words. I am finally happy to say that my 2 systems are now rock solid and never crash since the latest SATA 220d drivers have come out. Others are finding the same as you can see by reading the official VIA forums who were experiencing the same problems and finding the 220d drivers fixing all. See

    I will post this elsewhere where relevant.

    Enjoy SATA and IDE data corruption free computing from here on in. By the way that doesn't mean that if you are OC that it won't still happen. My system is running stock.

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    2x Segate Serial ATA 160mb HDD Raid, Philips 202P Brillance 22" Montor, Gtr 480w power Supply

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    Apr 2004

    Re: The well known "George Breese" explains Data Corruption on Large Disks and a fix!

    I'm very new on this forum (and i've found it only yesterday...)
    My english is also very poor, so excuse me in advance.

    BTW, I'm very happy to let you know that I have the same "data corruption" problem that some of you have reported in this forum.

    But I'm running W2K SP4!

    The effects seems to be the same: after a certain number of reboots I see the classic "blue screen" at startup, (or a message "system registry damaged", or chkdsk running and finding errors...).

    I think that the cause is at shutdown, when my HDD's (two Maxtor 80GB 8MB buffer SATA connected in RAID configuration -mirroring- to a VIA KT600 + VT8237 chipset) don't have the time to complete writing (or "flush cache", as some of you reported).

    After a big quantity of disk reformats and OS reinstallations, now I'm trying with VIA SATA raid drivers version 220E and VIA Hyperion v4.51. Give me some days and if you want I'll let you know the results.

    Obviously I can not try the MS hotfix for WXP SP1...

    There is anyone that has the same problems with VT8237 and W2K?

    Thank you!


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