I have the Asus A7N8X Dlx with a Barton 2500 and Buffalo PC3700 Ram 2x256 with the part no ending in "MC" rather than "WB". The ram identifies in CPUZ as "Melco DDR-SDRAM PC3200 - 256 MB". I'm trying to run it in dual channel.

Problem is I cannot get this thing to post over 190mhz fsb. Well I did get it to post once at 195 @ 9,2,3,2.5 but it wasn't stable. The manufacturer site doesn't have the mem timings listed as far as I can tell so I am kinda running blind here. I now have 2 full legal pad pages full of single spaced notes of various voltage/timing combos I have tried but I simply cannot get where I need to go with it. I've tried high Vcore, high VDimm, high Vchip, and various combos including high all three.

I am new to OC'ing but I read a ton about it before going with this and was confident I knew what to do but it hasn't worked out. I dunno if I am doing something wrong or if I have defective product, and since the multiplier is locked on my 2500 I don't even have a good idea how to approach troubleshooting it.

BTW, I pass memtest every time no problem. Its when I am in WindowsXP and start trying to slam it with prime95 that I get unstable. My temps are fine btw, I have a well lapped TT Volcano 11+ and I never get over 47C.

I'm hoping someone else out there has used this combo and can tell me specifically how they set their mem timings so I can give that a try. Any help is appreciated.