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    Jan 2003
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    Benchmarks, Info Tools, Bios Info

    Benchmarks, Tools, Info Programs
    Most of the useful stuff is listed here:


    Bios Stuff:

    Rojack's Pot:

    Wim's Bios:

    Bios Survival Guide:

    Lost Circuits Tech Advice:

    Senor Panadero (Asus Forum Mod) has assembled an extensive list of information and links to virtually anything related to optimization, common Q's/Probs and over clocking. Yes some is Asus specific but much applies to all AMD setups:


    Many of the issues we face are memory related Drisler has put together a excellent, in depth memory guide:

    Processor Info:

    Many of the answers to questions have been asked previously! HINT the Search function works great on this site folks

    Hope this is a helpful start to keep your rig running top notch!
    This list is by no means definitive. There are plenty of other sites and forums to ferret out what you need.

    Maybe Admin will sticky?

    Edited to reflect the Memory link is now a Guide
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    ^ECS NF3-A/A64 3000 10x240/166 2x512Mb XBLK 2-2-2-10
    ^DFI NF4 Ultra-D Optie 170 2Gb OCZ PC-4000 EB 11x265@2915 H2O eVGA 7800GT
    ^Albatron KX18D ProII 2800M

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