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    Mar 2002
    Go to a different Officemax. I have found that there can be differences like that. Officemax policy is that unless thier as states "No Rainchecks" they will issue a raincheck. Not only that, but I have gotten two rainchecks that were filled after a rebate expired and they gave me a special rebate form that extended the rebate period. I love Officemax. Last week I got a WD 80GB/8Mb for $20 after rebates. Can't beat that. Thier WD drives come with only 1 year warranty and WD tries to sell 2 more years for $14.95.

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    Dec 2003
    being a former employee of Office Max I would like to confirm the fact that Office Max does suck. We never had anything in. I just loved telling the old men and the indian guys (not racist at all. but it is proven fact that most of the first people there are the indian guys that get the free after rebate stuff and return it next day to the blonde at the customer service counter.) having sent the rebate in) that we were out of the product 5 mins after we open. fact is we never had the stuff. I enjoyed watching my fellow coworkers still makin 7 dollars an hour after being there 4 years, while the 17 year old who knew the manager got 8.50 and slacked. Office max is a poorly run organization. I was the only worker there who knew what a hard drive was and i was the 2nd youngest. Screw office max, they can go to hell.
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    Jul 2003
    lol... all this talk about bad OM and staple... thank god the new best buy manager lives NEXT DOOR!
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