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    Jan 2002

    Which is faster??

    Well right now my OS is on a RAID setup with two dual 80 gig seagate drives at RAID (0). I put my OS on the first partiton which is about a 30gig partition and all my programs on the second partition which is about 120gig. Now is it faster to have XP setup this way or would it be faster to have all of my programs and XP OS on the same partition?? I hope you all understood that. Just want to know if I should scrap the setup and go for one BIG partition and put everything on ONE. TIA
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    Nvidia/ASUS 8800GTX
    Samsung DDR2 Dual channel 2Gig
    WindowsXP Pro

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    Dec 2001
    It'll run probably run faster with everything on just one partition. That's still not the best idea though. Ideally the O/S and apps should be on one physical drive and everything else on another.

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    Mar 2003
    My opinion - XP OS is reliable enough to keep everything on one partition - if your going to re-install the OS you may as well wipe the disk and start all over again (linking previous installed programs on a seperate partition to a new OS is a nightmare - reg keys etc) -

    speed-wise - purists on this forum may point out differing transfer speeds according to WHERE the OS/swap space is on the disks - hence partitions - but I'm no purist...
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