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    Jun 2003
    Renton, Washington

    Unhappy 9800 Pro 256mb RAM problems AGAIN!!!

    A week ago my sapphire 9800 pro 256mb card died from that ram problem (very blocky images on boot and in windows). This is the second card i have had to RMA since getting it last summer. This time since it surpassed the resellers warrenty, i had to rma it to ATi.

    Do you think ATi would let me trade this card in for a 9800XT (and pay the difference between the 2 cards)? Or should i try Sapphire tech, do you think that they would let me trade this card in for a 9800XT? Maybe i should be asking you if the 9800XT has been experiencing the same BAD RAM problems?

    I have been hearing too many bad stories about this card and its plague of memory problems for one reason or another. I know ATi would give me my card back brand new, but i really dont wish to have this problematic card back again. How long till the new card goes tits-up on me again, am i to just keep sending cards back via. RMA? I think i just want to get rid of this card for good. Any USEFUL suggestions would be great. Anyone traded a card in to ATi before, can it be done?
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    Mar 2003
    Quebec, Canada
    Dont know if its related but I had problems with my 9800 until I realized I had the waterblock too tight and the card was bending, that made problems with the connections in the AGP slot,sometimes its worked great, sometimes I was thinking it was dead. I removed the waterblock and everything is ok, If I had known I would have simply loosen it a bit.

    Maybe I'll put it back later, maybe not... The card is simply great at stock speeds for now.
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