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    Mar 2001


    mind with my new epox-8k7a and bios 1711 and my 1 gig ALU/Mem: 735 MB/s, FPU/Mem: 1016 MB/s[ WCPUID Version 3.0b (c) 1996-2001 By H.Oda! ]

    Internal Clock : 1385.27 MHz
    System Bus : 325.95 MHz DDR
    System Clock : 162.97 MHz
    Multiplier : 8.5 L2 Speed : 1385.27 MHz (Full)

    ##--- Date 07/21/2001, Time 21:19:43

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    May 2001
    Originally posted by solofly
    Hey VXY!
    Got a question for you. How could you get lower memory scores running at 144FSB oppose to 136FSB?
    I've found that mem bench scores drop after 134mhz
    isn't mem bandwidth is really how much info is being sent per clock cycle and with your FSB overclocked more clock cycles are occuring in the same amount of time, So BW is Down While SPD is up.
    I have been trying to come up with an equasion to find out where your highest actual performance is best.

    ASUS A7A266 BIOS 1005.005beta
    win 98se
    T-Bird 1040mhz 280FSB
    Volcano 6+
    512 Crucial PC2100 2.5,3,3,7@2,2,2,6
    Matrox G450 DualHead 32mbDDR
    Aureal Vortex SQ2500
    Western Digital 30gig 7200rpm
    50x CD-ROM (generic)
    8x4x32 CD-RW (phillips)
    12 bay Full tower
    300w Antec "Smart" Power
    iFeel optical mouse

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