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    Sep 2003
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    Red face

    Originally posted by Gil-galad on 03-09-2004 at 09:29 PM
    Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. My father's father was shot down behind enemy lines and to this day has never told anyone what happened. So you can imagine that I have a fair amount of respect for my forefathers and what they did. But their sacrifice doesn't give the U.S. blanket policy to run roughshod over the rest of the world! Just because the U.S. saved the day 60 years ago doesn't mean we suddenly became omniscient and incapable of making mistakes. That is why France has a perfect right to side against us on an issue on which they believe we are wrong. And, as I mentioned before, the U.S. wouldn't have existed without France's help in the War for Independence, so if we're calling old debts to account, I think at we're pretty even.
    Thats so sad Gil, if your grandfathers saw today how France has repaid their debate of our fallen soldiers for their freedom. And how ungrateful they are towards the US. They would feel exactly as I do.

    LOL, BOWLING , you got to be kidding,, RIGHT???? Your one of those people that in the middle of a war would yell out "stop everyone lets just join hands and sing koom-bye-yah" Friggin please, BOWLING,,,LOL thats too funny.

    If the whole world was resolved over a bowling match. There still would be a fight at the end over the winner. You cant change the human spirit. No matter how wrong or right it is.

    Bottomline: WE (the US) are not asking anything of France, you make it sound like we want them to join us in a fiight, thats NOT what I am saying, but the ungrateful bastards make the US fly hours out of our way when we are flying to IRAQ (where-ever). Which I think they should just do it anyways and accidently drop a couple of bombs----OOOPSSS. Like I said before France and IRAQ, two beautiful PARKING LOTS!!!

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    Open Source Insurance

    Interesting idea. Much better than paying for an SCO license.

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