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    Mar 2001


    Has anyone else noted that AMD has lowered the maximum recommended processor speed for several of the approved power supplies?

    I had just bought several Sparkle FSP300-60BT power supplies based on the fact that the recommended PS list said it would work up to Athlon 1200 (on 3/6/01 - I have a printout) but when I looked at the list last Friday it was only rated to support an Athlon 850!!!

    I asked AMD tech support for clarification on Monday as to how and why the changes occurred but as of today I have not recieved any reply. So far the Sparkle PS seems to be stable on my 2 Athlon 1200 systems but I am wondering how I should pick a PS for future systems that will stay approved.

    Any thoughts on which power supply is best for continued support? E.g. PC P&C 350ATX?

    Also - if anyone knows why the Sparkle was derated I would be interested in knowing the cause. I am guessing that AMD either changed the testing proceedures or Sparkle has had quality control problems.

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    Feb 2001


    Buy the largest one that you can afford. I would recommend at 400w plus to any overclocker.

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