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    Oct 2003

    Question about Buffalo RAM at newegg

    Ok, I built my new system with 512mb of Buffalo ram last October from newegg (item: 20-150-564). Now, I thought Buffalo stopped making the CH-5 chips like a month or two after that, but they still have the same item number on their website...

    Is this the same ram that I got last October:

    I'm just hoping to upgrade to 1gb of memory and want it to go as smooth as possible. I'd also like to run this in dual-channel if possible.

    If this is not the same ram that I got before, should I go with what's on newegg now or go with another brand?

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    System specs:
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    2X512MB Buffalo 3200 (dual channel)
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    Optorite 4X DVD+/-RW
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    Apr 2001
    The ram that you have linked to, DD4002-512/WC, should be CH-5. WC = Winbond Rev. C (CH-5). The pc3700 DD466-512/WB (Winbond Rev. B = BH-5) is no longer made since the chips are out of production.
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    eVGA 5900 @ 461/875
    WD Raptors 37.5 gig x 2 - Raid 0

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    Jan 2003
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    Should be ch-5s as i got mine from newegg last month and they are ch-5s

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    May 2001
    Buffalo technology should have a sticker on the chips showing the model number of the module. did you leave that on there, or do you have a receipt? Please post the module model numer.
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    Sep 2003
    Austin, Tx
    Our DD4002 series all currently use the CH-5 chips.

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    Jan 2003
    Peru, Illinois
    Just received a stick of 512 buffalo today, it has CH5 chips, came from newegg. DD4002-512WC -- #20-150-564
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    Buffalo PC3700 Winbond BH5 2 x 256 11-2-2 at cas 2.0--2.8 V
    Lite-On CD-RW / 600 watt dual fan power supply
    Win XP Pro--SP1--nVidia 3.13--NEC 19" LCD

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    650 watt dual fan power supply
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