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    Apr 2001


    I'm running a 1.1 GHz T-bird, not overclocked, on an Asus A7V. My bios tells me my CPU temp is between 140-150. At that temperature, I'd expect performance and stability problems, but my system is rock solid.

    This leads me to believe there is a problem with my thermal sensor. Any thoughts or advice?

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    Feb 2001


    What program are you using to monitor the Temp? Anything above 90*C will fry your CPU. Is that *C or *F.

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    May 2000
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    If your using Asus Probe for your temps, it is well known for being way off. Check your Temps in Bios. The temps you gave, what are you using F or C???

    In either case your temps are to high. Do you have any case cooling??? You could try and remove the heatsink and then reinstall it to make sure it's making contact with the CPU's core.

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    Apr 2001
    Yea, sorry, those readings are in F.

    I was using Asus Probe, but I thought it could be the software, so I switched to MBM5. Same readings. Also, the BIOS gives me those same readings, too.

    Cooling setup: I have a 6cm fan and two front-mounted HDD coolers on the front side pulling in, and an 8cm in the rear top, and a 4cm in the rear bottom blowing out. There is also an 8cm blowing out that sits to the side of the CPU (above it, if the case is on its side), but it's not ventilated. I'm going to cut a blowhole for it eventually. The heatsink is whatever shipped with my board/processor combo. It has no brand on it. It looks rather formidable, but that doesn't really mean much, I know.

    Good idea about reinstalling the heat sink. I'll try that tonight. If that doesn't clear the problem, I'll look into purchasing a better heatsink.

    It's been running like this (unbeknownst to me) since October with no problems.

    Thanks for the help.

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