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    Mar 2001
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    Talking A success story!!

    Just wanted to post a successful story. A couple weeks
    ago...I put together a new system running:

    AN35N Ultra
    XP 3200+
    1gig(2X512) dual pack Mushkin Lvl 1
    Powercolor 9700Pro

    got all but the ram from mwave (excellent place I may add!) I moved the replaced parts of my
    sig rig to another case. I am posting mainly to help reassure
    anyone considering this brd....that, in my case, this is the most
    stable, easy to setup, and best outfitted brd I've ever had!! I
    also post to say that I have installed all the drivers from the cd,
    shuttles site, and finally the 3.13's from Nvidia. That includes the SW ide drivers.
    And so far, all is well, I'm not using the onbrd sound or lan.
    I have my SB in slot 3 and my linksys nic in 5.
    I do have a some observed questions though...

    1. I have noticed that the temps both in BIOS and in MBM5 are
    higher than were in my 35GTR. still a respectable low to mid 30's
    to as high as 40 after 8 hrs of cpu burn-in at max heat. Are these
    readings consistant with others' observations?

    2. I have noticed that my boot-up times have decreased!! since
    moving to this brd. Any of you gents noticed the same?

    3. After running memtest for 3 days, using the all test method, at
    11, 3, 3, 2.5 with no errors(YEEHAW!!) I changed the timings to
    the advertised 2, 3, 2 but have left T(RAS) at 11 per the many
    recommendations here, then let it run for another 2 days without
    incident. Should I leave this setting as is or change it?

    Though I'm not an overclocker...I may try uping some things.

    Any tips or comments are appreciated

    tanks for reading,

    My Heat

    If You Build It, IT WILL CRASH!!!

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    Mar 2004
    Michigan - USA

    I agree MWave has awesome prices they rival if not beat the best prices you can find on EBay. I bought my current rig, in sig, all on EBay except the CPU only because I had $ sitting in my PayPal account from selling stuff otherwise I would have bought my system from MWave.

    Nice System btw! I have mine OC'd as stated in my sig and mine runs at temps 40 Idle, 45 load.

    If you are going to OC you may end up loosening your mem timings but I usually try to see what I can get away with setting them tight and loosen as needed. If you are not going to OC at all I would suggest setting them as tight as you can while still getting stable multiple runs of Memtest 86 & Prime 95.

    The memory in my system is the hang up for me not getting high fsb OC's, no matter what I do it will not let me OC fsb over 202 so I have resorted to uping the ratio so far I am at 12. I am not complaining thats for sure 2.4Ghz from a 1.83Ghz stock CPU is pretty good, these mobile XP's are great!
    AN35 Ultra
    Athlon 2500+ Mobile (@12x200fsb 1.65 volts)
    Thermaltake Volcano 12 Extreme
    1GB (2 @ 512MB) Corsair Twin-X CMX512-3200C2PT @2-3-3-9)
    Maxtor 120GB Hard Drive
    Liteon 32x12x40 CDRW
    ASUS Radeon 9600XT 128MB@535/660
    Raidmax 868 Case with 480w PSU

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    Mar 2001
    DeKalb, IL.
    thanks Phoenix, sweet system ya got too. I find that mwave
    is cheaper then even newegg on most of what I get! I have read
    many good things about the mobiles, always glad to read about
    high OC's with them. I'll wait a few more days then start taking
    baby steps with the OC scenerio.

    keep the tips and comments a comin


    My Heat

    If You Build It, IT WILL CRASH!!!

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