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    Feb 2001

    caution dealing with-dbailey2121 -TROLL

    after weeks and weeks, still has not satisfied a deal here involving water cooling stuff. while first excuses seemed legitimate for very slow or no shipping (story is he had to donate an organ i think to a bro or transfusion or something) he has long since gotten out of the hospital and had the chance to deal with this..he claims that he sent the package weeks 2 tuesdays ago, his contact has been shoddy since he apparently got out of the hospital and the excuses have run dry for not satisfying this deal.

    this post will also be copied to the bad trader section.

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    Sep 2003
    Sicklerville, New Jersey

    Re: caution dealing with-dbailey2121 -TROLL

    you deserve a vacation
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    Feb 2003

    Re: caution dealing with-dbailey2121 -TROLL

    This guy is real scum, He took a msi fx5900-vtd256 video card, 2x256mb geil pc3200 and a barton 2600, total value of about $450
    he was sopposed to send me a case and some watercooling parts but after a long delay i just asked for my parts back, he said he shipped them but never gave me a dc# or tracking no.
    His real name is donovan bailey, his yahoo nick is donovanb_98 and yahoo mail is
    His ip is adelphia and apparently he has access to sprint dsl in Charlottesville, he lives in Charlottesville virginia,
    His aim is donovanb98 and donovanb981
    he posts on several other forums also as deathmasher
    another email addy of his is
    If anyone has any more information on this scum please pm me,
    Oh yea and if you check his yahoo profile there is apic of him on there
    Updated got a sprint dsl ip. he has or was using
    thanks in advance everyone65.41.105.55
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    I wonder what would happen if I.....................oh thats not good.

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