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    Mar 2003

    The Memory FAQ

    Okay! Memory and all that goes with it, is an area that causes a mass amount of confusion for teh newbies and even some experienced PC users. There is alot to consider, but most of it is pretty straight-forward.

    Here's my "perspective" on most of it. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions, and their corresponding answers. If you feel something should be corrected or if you have a suggestion, please contact me via email @ drisler AT pcperspective DOT com or PM, as this FAQ is never truly complete.


    Tharr are no cliffnotes!!


    Memory Basics

    • The nitty-gritty
    • Memory Access
    • What is Virtual Memory?
    • DRAM Memory Technologies
    • DDR Memory Speed
    • Processors and Bandwidth
    • DDR Dual Channel
    • What do these terms mean?
    • Installing New Memory
    • Can I mix DRAM?
    • How do I use Dual Channel?

    Bios Settings

    • Memory Timings
    • Which timings mean what?
    • What is SPD?
    • To tweak or not to tweak?
    • Ok, so I want to tweak, what do I do?
    • The Anomaly: nVIDIA's nForce2 & tRAS
    • Dealing with Memory Speeds: What is sync / async?


    • How do I overclock my memory?
    • What to do with ddr voltage?
    • Do I need ram cooling?
    • How do I burn-in memory?
    • Memory Chips

    Buying Memory

    • What memory to buy?
    • Why are you recommending PC3500, when my mobo only supports PC3200?
    • How much is enough?
    • Matched or Certified Dual Channel RAM
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