Update: Please give me your opions, after making me wait several months, I recieved an email from the Tulsa Agent that has been working on my case. Last email stating:
I have not been able to make contact with Jeremy's mother, and therefore
am no longer able to communicate with Jeremy.

Jeremy's other case was a civil business dispute, and I think ended up
causing your situation, but I was not able to confirm or deny this since
I lost contact with Jeremy.

So, I will be inactivating your case. Sorry it didn't work out.

Scott Wanzer

Is that encouraging troll or?
It creates more anger when an "official" agent replies that way.
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Information- Dade Evans
8307 S. Yorktown Ct
Apt. B
Tulsa, OK, 74137
Heatware- Isiby
I emailed Dade "I or my friend will possibly contact your local police office within a few
days, if theres nothing new withing a week or so of the police file. I will
probably pay you a visit unexpected. "You still owe 260.00" Thank You."

And he responded "if you wish to threaten me, come on. your visit won't be so unexpected now.
and no, thank you."

I then responded with a smile.
I sold this fellow 2x 200GB for a total of 260.00 USD
His several last email stated his paypal accoutn is locked up
so his attitude right now toward me is "You just gotta wait"
And I don't appreciate it.
UPS Delivery Information
1Z AX1 269 03 4821 155 3
It may not post because it's been a while

But when it did post.
1. 1Z AX1 269 03 4821 155 3
Delivered on: Mar 31, 2004 12:36 P.M.
Delivered to: TULSA, OK, US
Signed by: EVANS
Service Type: GROUND
Update of the situation.
Another member, which is a close friend of mine, called his house.
It took 7 calls(How Ironic). On the 7th call he claimed that he thought it
was a telemarketer.(No, Telemarketers doesn't call nearly 7 times.)
So when he picked up at the 7th call, he claimed that he was Dave, he would
not spell his last name(does that ring a bell anyone?) My friend briefly
explained to him the details, Dave said that my friend got the wrong person.
And he also claimed he doesn't deal with computer stuff. Finally when my
friend said he will probably pay him a visit to confirm that it's not the troll.
Dave laughed.(Wow! How ironic). My friend said from then on Dave did not
take the phone call seriously.
Now, you people can take all of the details and know that I am not lieing.
Again thanks for the help.