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    Aug 2003
    Where the beavers roam

    Before posting in TLR, you MUST read this thread

    Hi everybody,
    Welcome to The Lightning Round (TLR)! (The Birth and Genesis of TLR)

    TLR is a place where you can come and find topics on every imaginable subject to debate. Everyone is welcome here, from the seasoned debater, to the unexperienced beginner.

    First, let's see where you stand:
    The Political Compass
    This quick test isn't cut and dry. It covers two separate spectrums, the economic spectrum, and the social spectrum.

    To All Members: The Rules

    If you are not interested in learning the craft of the argument, you must at least adhere to the rules presented here.

    Amdmb/PCPerspective Governing Rules

    TLR Specific Rules and Guidelines

    TLR Policy on Behavior
    We do reserve the right to edit/delete posts based on these guidelines.

    When Problems Arise

    Problems will arise in TLR, and you will feel offended. That is the nature of debate, and it is unavoidable. When you feel uncomfortable about something that is said, contact a moderator for suggestions or guidance on how to resolve the problem. I feel that TLR will be a much better place if there is as little moderation as possible. However, if the problem is a blatant infrigement of TLR/Amdmb/PcPerspective rules, either report the post, PM me, Vihsadas, or Smoked Trout, and we will attempt to resolve it for you.

    Beginner Debaters:

    I urge all beginners to READ the debates and conversations happening in TLR, before you jump in. There is alot to be learned from the more skilled members of TLR. Also, the link below will give you better understanding of how to formulate a well thought out argument. It's good practice to try and find and identify those tactics and fallacies listed in the link, as you read threads in TLR.

    A List of Bad Debating Tactics, and a Recipe for Reasoned Debate

    The Seven Tools of Propaganda

    Expert Debaters:

    TLR is NOT a professional debating forum. Therefore, when you come to TLR, having already learned the "craft of the argument", it can be frustrating. I ask you to have patience, and to guide others in learning the value of a well thoughout argument.

    A Simple Suggestion for TLR

    A Little bit of Levity Goes a Long Way

    Sometimes, all that is needed to resolve a dispute is to take a step back, take a deep breath, have a good laugh, or talk about something else.

    Jimzinsocal's Rolleyes News of the Day
    A great place for a laugh, a little bit of "", and a dose of perspective.

    Post Your Own Favorite Piece of Propaganda

    The Crazy Zany Political Joke Thread!

    The "Milestone" Bar

    The TLR Bullfrogs

    TLR doesn't always get the exposure that it deserves since it's a subforum. That's why it's good to have some free advertisement! If you meet the requirements below, feel free to join the TLR bullfrogs, our own TLR member group.

    -500 AMDMB/PcPer posts
    -100 TLR posts
    -5 months AMDMB/PcPer membership
    -Never been temp banned
    -Never been Username banned
    -Fewer than 3 infractions

    Also, we ask that you send the moderators a PM informing us of your request to join. We do not get notification of join requests.

    The TLR Friar's Roast Archive

    This is a tradition started by Supermod Jimzinsocal. Every now and again, we get together to mock and belittle one beloved member. Of course all in good fun!
    The TLR Friar's Club Roast Archive

    I'm glad you found your way to TLR, and I hope you enjoy your stay here!
    Just remember these two last things:

    TLR is a place of respect, and posting here is a PRIVILEGE. It is our privilege to moderate here, and it is your privilege to post here.
    Abuses of that privilege will not be tolerated.

    Good Discussions!
    -Vihsadas (Amdmb/Pcperspective TLR moderator)
    PCP/Amdmb Private Message Box

    -Smoked Trout (Amdmb/Pcperspective TLR moderator)
    PCP/Amdmb Private Message Box
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