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    Apr 2002
    Akron, Ohio

    Exclamation Please read before posting.

    As suggested, a suggestion forum has been created. Anyone is free to come by and make their suggestions/ideas known by posting here. There are just a couple of things we would like you to keep in mind before posting:

    1. Please refrain from flaming. As stated above...anyone is free to come here and post their ideas or suggestions...but this does not mean you can openly attack or flame anyones thoughts or ideas. If you dont like a stated idea or suggestion...then say so in an adult manner and post why you dont think it is a good idea. If you cant do this...please dont post at all. All flame posts will be dealt with/deleted swiftly.

    2. Please remain on topic. We like to see open discussion on all ideas presented...but topics should be kept focused on just that. All off topic posts will be split and moved.

    3. Please understand that all suggestions/ideas may or may not be implemented...but I personally guarantee that all will be, at the very least, considered.

    4. The consideration of suggestions/ideas can be a lengthy process as some may have to go thru Ryan himself first. He is a very busy man attending trade shows and bringing you reviews of the latest hardware. So...please try to be patient.

    5. All threads will be answered, but please keep in mind that the staff here are very busy. I assure you tho, that each thread will be answered as soon as possible so please try to be patient.

    Above all else...this forum is here so you can make yourself be heard. We encourage you to use this forum as it was make it very easy for you to bring your ideas and suggestions to the ppl who need to see them.

    Thank You,
    -The Wise One
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