i just built this second system and decided i don't really need it. i am thinking about selling the rig as a whole unit or possibly parting out. tell me what you think about it overall and what you think i should ask for it. thanks for looking
case- custom candy burgundy metalflake with silver drives and fan controller.has 92mm tornado in side panel and 80mm thermaltake smartfan in rear.
mobo-shuttle an35n ultra
hsf-swiftech mcx-462/80mm tornado
ram-2 sticks of crucial 512meg pc 2700
hard drives-80gig maxtor 7200,80gig seagate 7200
video-ati radeon 9000pro aiw
sound-sb 5.1 platinum
optical drives-liteon 16x dvd-rom,liteon 811s dual format dvd-rw
56k modem
extra network card
nexus 5 1/4 fan controller
samsung syncmaster 955df 19 inch monitor
klipsch 2.1 promedia speakers
logitech mx500 mouse
compaq multimedia keyboard.
well thats it guys tell me what you think

ps if your interested in this system pm or email me:-)