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    Apr 2002
    NYC (L.A.M.F.)


    got mine from mwave a couple days ago. have been using a few kv8 max3's and a gigabyte nf3 150 with my original a64 3200. never got above 220 with the max3.
    now getting 10x230 or 9x250 1/1 mem and 4x htt also 280x8 5/4 mem at 4x htt. this cpu wont do much more than 2300mhz. bios is cool but 2.8v vdimm kind of lightweight. put a crystal orb on northbridge because it got too hot to touch (small hs w/ no fan default) nvidia raid a little better than via raid which makes it much better than sil raid. firewall nice as is the many java2 based apps that epox packs in. nice 90 degree offset sata cables, too.
    all voltage settings in bios overvolt (1.7v vcore in bios is really 1.77v) except vdimm which slightly undervolts. has no problems with corsair pc3200 or 3500, geil pc3700 or 3500, ocs 3500, or kingston pc4000. lots of nice features and accessories. tons of room around cpu. btw @ 250x9 1/1 mem sandra scores almost 4000.2 thumbs up.
    my config
    3200 clawhammer with tt venus 12
    9800 pro
    2x512 hyperx pc4000
    3xraptor raid 0
    2x maxtor 80gb plus9 sata raid 0
    480w enermax

    very truly yours,
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