okay, i've been working this summer, so im going to have some money to spend by the time its over, and god knows i dont want it to be burning a hole in my pocket but im not sure which upgrade i should go for!

my current system is in my specs. my two chioces, so far, are a watercooling setup or the upgrade to A64

for the WC setup i would be getting the MCP600 pump, a TDX, heatercore, and res. this totals to a bit over $200, which means i can afford it right now

for the A64 setup it would be : EpoX EP-8KDA3J, 2800+, swiftech MCX64-V,and 80 gb WD sata drive. this would be a pretty hefty improvement in performance, but it costs twice as much, which means it would take me a lot longer to accumulate the cash