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    May 2001


    There seems to be a natural contradiction between a cool PC and a quiet one. I found out something that might be a good compromise. It is not the best in either area, but good enough for me.

    I just bought and an IWILL KK266-R and housed it inside a Fong Kai 603 case (known for its good cooling at a reasonable price) with an AMD-approved 300 watt PS.

    I am overclocking an AMD Duron 750 to 1014MHz (6.5 x 156FSB) and set the voltage to 1.725. The system appears stable but generates a lot of heat even in the FK case (maybe partly because I'm a cheap who only runs air conditioning in hot Las Vegas when absolutely necessary.)

    I purchased Vantec's well-regarded HSF unit (FCE-62540D) 38CFM fan/heat sink and mounted with Arctic Silver II. I also added a Sunon KD1208PTB1-6 80mm 42CFM case fan to the front of the Fong Kai 603 case.

    This cooled things quite well even at a 80+ degree Fahrenheit room temp. Unfortunately the noise level was just not acceptable. So I did some net research to see what was available that was quieter (and affordable) without sacrificing too much in cooling.

    I decided to replace the Sunon front case fan and Fong Kai stock rear case fan with a couple of 80mm case fans from PC Power and Cooling (US $9.60 each, free shipping at the PCP&C website) known as the "Silencer". Once installed they were certainly quieter but at an acceptable sacrifice of a few degrees in cooling.

    Next I need to replace the Vantec HSF and its very loud Delta fan. After a bit of research, a Cool Master DP5-6H11 was purchased (US $7 from OpenLinx Communications). Once installed the low profile HSF was certainly quieter than the Vantec/Delta but still not really quiet. Unfortunately it also just didn't cool that well, despite the good comparative reviews I found on the net.

    Frustrated, I was about to reinstall the Vantec when I decided to remove the Delta fan from the oversize Vantec heat sink and lay the just removed generic 2800rpm Fong Kai 80mm case fan on top the HS and give it a try.

    To my surprise it was nearly as good at cooling as the Delta fan. When I repositioned the fan so that it was shoved up tight against the PS case, it was almost exactly equal in cooling to the stock Vantec/Delta and far quieter than the V/D and even much quieter that the "quiet" Cool Master fan.

    So, I decided to move the left screw-down hole metal guide strip further toward the back of the case so I could tighten the 80mm fan with one original screw on the back side and one separate machine screw towards the front.

    After extensive testing at a warm 80+ degrees Fahrenheit room temperature, the 80mm fan / HS combo never produced a CPU temperature higher than 120 degree F or 50 degrees C.
    This was at 100% CPU utilization using Seti@Home (with the cosmetic quieting Fong Kai case's plastic backplate on).

    I'd like to know if others can duplicate my findings. It certainly has made my OC'd PC easier to live with.

    Bob Carroll, Las Vegas

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    Feb 2001


    http://www.CPUFX.Com sells an adapter that you can use to make use on different size fans on a 60mm H/S setup.

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    Mar 2001
    By the way, if you're intent on your quest for making your pc as quiet as possible, then you probably won't be surprised to find that there's a site/store dedicated to exactly that:

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    Feb 2001
    River City, USA

    Wink lvzardoz

    I had the same problem and my solution was the same. But I went a step further and purchased the CPUfx 80mm adaptor. Now my temps are +2C lower that with the Delta. BTW, I mounted a Panaflo 80mm 47cfm fan to the heatsink with the adaptor.

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