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    May 2002
    Columbia, SC

    Deleted a hard drive from XP after renaming it

    I just installed a new SATA HDD, and added my old two hard drives as well with a new XP install. Everything came up and all three drives appeared in Explorer. So then I noticed that you could rename the hard drives, so I right clicked, selected rename on one of the IDE HDDs and tried to name it. I gave it the name "Steve," but it told me it was an incorrect volume label or something like that. I assumed it was because it wanted me to give it a drive letter, so I named it:

    Steve (G and it still told me it was incorrect. I couldn't even rename it back to the original name, and it gave me that windows thing where it won't let you exit the naming box until you give it a correct name, so I just rebooted my computer.

    Now the HDD doesn't show up. I went into BIOS and tried to do auto-detect and it doesn't show up there either, only the other 2 drives.

    Does anyone know how I can manually add this drive back, or why it's not showing up? And lastly, why wouldn't it let me rename it? Thanks for any help!
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    Jun 2002
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    Re: Deleted a hard drive from XP after renaming it

    Moving to the Storage forum.

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    Apr 2003
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    Re: Deleted a hard drive from XP after renaming it

    Did your old drives have an OS installed on them?.....for starters may want to boot up in safe mode (pressing F8 on startup). You could try to load last known good configuration from there....also what hardware do you have?
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    Aug 2003
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    Re: Deleted a hard drive from XP after renaming it

    That's weird. I've renamed all my drives/partitions and it has worked fine. Maybe Windows just doesn't like personal pronouns? Or maybe just doesn't like "Steve"?
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    Jan 2003
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    Re: Deleted a hard drive from XP after renaming it

    Drive naming in Windoz is a very strange, almost mystical thing. I've never really figured it out for sure, but I eventually learned that once a name is assigned to a drive letter, it stays with that drive letter.

    In this case, you rebooted and hosed the drive assignment, but you should still be able to see the drive in disc management, and correct the problem there.

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