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    Oct 2002

    Coolergiant, OCZ, and Noisetaker input please

    If I'm violating a rule or etiquette of some sort by editing my post this much...tell me and I'll stop.

    Anyway...having gotten some info about the Coolergiant and OCZ psus (though not much on the Enermax 600w), I'm starting to highly consider the OCZ Powerstream 520w. Is there anything about this PSU I should look out for? It doesn't appear to have dual 12v rails, like the Enermax/CG, so might that be a problem? It seems of very high quality, and it's heatsinks are much much bigger (if that really means anything). The price is pretty good all things considered, and I like the alleged BTX support. I'm not sure how much I'll use the voltage adjustors on the back from day to day, though I realize its benefits for OCing. However, is this somewhat of a gimmick? If you have a stable enough PSU, wouldn't that make up for a lack thereof?

    Yes, well if anyone still has some input about the Coolergiant, OCZ, or Noisetaker 600w psus, I'd very much like to hear from you!
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    Nov 2003

    Re: Enermax Coolergiant PSUs?

    I had a CoolerGiant and it was EXCELLENT!! Dual +12v rails were rock solid at 12.19. I had the 480 watt one, gold finish, sanyo blower (kind of a gimmick, but at least they tried) and nice sheathing, extra connectors, ect. They are a little expensive, that's probably why you don't hear much about them, you can get something equivalent for about 1/2 it's price. (Which I did, traded it in for a SuperFlower) Even the cables had EMI sheilding. They really look at the small things and are well made, I would have to rate it quality wise 2nd or 3rd to the best units available, it's that good but a little under-powered compaired to the expensive price. If I had the money to blow, I would get another one.
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    Oct 2002

    Re: Enermax 600w PSU?

    Thanks for the info. I am still wondering if anyone has yet to try out the Enermax Noisetaker 600w PSU. There was one review of it at overclockercafe, but really didn't delve into the power stability specs and such. I guess I'll wait for some reviews of the OCZ psu, then.
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