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    New SATA drives and Power Supply Requirements

    Forum member noorman sent us word of a spec sheet for the Seagate 7200.7 drives. The data sheet here:,599,00.html shows a power requirement of 2.8 amps on the 12 volt line. With the 10% suggested adjustment, that is a peak power per drive of 36+ Watts from the 12 volt line alone. That appears to be much more than that of a Western Digital Raptor, for example, and comes off of only one line. While this is likely the highest these drives would ever need, this is something to consider if you are building a new system using new SATA drives, especially with a board using the 12 volt line for the CPU (all A64's?). You will certainly need to consider this when purchasing a power supply. Also might consider this if you are having trouble with a SATA drive setup. Specs for other manufacturers are available in the Storage Forum Sticky Post.

    This info is intended as a link in the sticky post, so is closed. Please start a new thread or PM me if you have other info.
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