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    Feb 2003

    going to try linux soon

    ok, i got 2 distro's of linux downloaded and ready to install, i have a dedicated hdd,(60gb, i will partition into 2 X 30gbers, one for mandrake, one for gentoo) now a few basic questions,
    1) will i need a different type of driver for all my hardware(EG, do i have to go to a certin site, and download drivers for my ATI card, or will mandrake install them automatically)

    2) any warnings running the system in my "my system" tab? hardware compatability etc.?

    thanks in advanced!

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    Feb 2002
    Austin, Tx - UT campus

    Re: going to try linux soon

    Your hardware looks fine for Linux. Let us know how it works out!

    I'd suggest trying a distro which is right in the middle between mandrake and gentoo, like Yoper. IMO you've got one newbie-friendly, slow, bloated, easy-to-install distro and one low-level, hardcore, fast-as-heck, slow-and-tough-to-install distro.
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    Feb 2003

    Re: going to try linux soon

    thx, im downloading yoper now i guess ill do 3X20gb partitions

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    Sep 2002
    In and out of Detroit

    Re: going to try linux soon

    Gentoo is not gonna be worth the time for a newb, if you decide you don't like linux.
    Any source based distro is probably a bad idea at this point in time as it's gonna be time consuming.
    Debian would be a very good choice, it basically is like gentoo with less optimizations.

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    Apr 2002
    Austin, TX

    Re: going to try linux soon

    Don't forget ArchLinux if you're looking for the customizability of gentoo but no long compile times unless you just really want to!

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    Sep 2001
    Huntington Beach, CA

    Smile Re: going to try linux soon

    Libranet just came out with a two disk distro that I just installed and like very much.
    Also another vote for Yoper. Suse 9.1 had a 1 disk trial distro ( not live CD ) which gives
    you a good idea what they have to offer. I don't think you will need such large partitions.
    Usually the 1 Cd distros only need about 2G. Even Fedora and Mandrake with all packages
    installed used less than 4G. Gentoo for a noobie may be a little discouraging to install but if
    you have time and patience then give it a try. But I agree with last two posters and maybe
    Arch would be better to start off with. Good Luck. Once you get the hang of it It becomes
    addicting. I only use WinXP/Me for my wife and games. Linux is still maddening when it comes
    to installing third party apps. but since I have been involved it has gotten much better.

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    Jun 2004
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Re: going to try linux soon

    I haven't seen a Linux needing 10 Gb partition yet. My 200 hdd has 28 partitions and the majority of the distros are in partitions of only 5Gb large.

    You don't have all the hard disk allocated. Linux and Windows can run on disks with unallocated spaces.

    If you want to multi-boot all of them just make sure each Linux has the bootloader inside its partition.

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    Jul 2001

    Re: going to try linux soon

    use 2 30G partitions. or 1 20g and 1 40g. or something of the sort.

    install mandrake first. install all apps. find the ones you like. try to find sets of apps all from kde or all from gnome.

    now try out yoper and see if there is a speed improvement.

    then try gentoo out (or arch if it is what all have said it is). gentoo will be difficult to install and will give too much customization options.

    now try out arch.

    i suggest gentoo just so you learn about RTFM (finding out how to do stuff)

    now remove all.

    during the installs, install on the smaller partition (like 20g or 25g) make this /
    make the larger partition /home

    now as you switch between the OS's your docs should be relatively in tact.

    Right now my favorite is gentoo with fluxbox and KDE, where i preload konqueror upon loading fluxbox. my kde apps load quickly and the desktop loads fast. I orignially chose gentoo becuase I would know what was wrong when things went wrong. in other distros, I would usually need to find out how something was set up in that distro, then find out how to change it. By setting things up myself I didn't need to figure out what was installed...

    I reccomend reiserFS as a general purpose FS. others disagree becuase Reiser has some interesting ways of failing...
    I know exactly how the PC works. I understand the OOO, superscalar and superpiplined designs. I just don't understand how the PC doesn't work as shown in so many cases.

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