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    Barbarian Frog's Find-a-Drug Sticky

    Sad News

    As of December 16 2005, the Find-a-Drug project will be ending. Once again we are saddened to see yet another great project come to an end. Yet we really shouldn't be looking at this from only from this point of view, we should be happy that the Find-a-Drug project has met it's original goals, and have even gone beyond them.

    So with this in mind, the PC Perspective FaD team has moved onto another project. We have moved to what we believe to be the next generation in Distributed Computing, Predictor@home powered by BOINC. This new BOINC architecture allows for many advanced features that were simply not available in traditional Distrubuted Computing projects.

    Predictor@home is another not-for-profit project that predicts protein structures from protein sequences. Their goal is to develop new algorithms and methods of protein structure prediction. Though our computer time donations, Predictor@home can evaluate and test these new algorithms to rate their effectiveness.

    Welcome to the Barbarian Frog's Find-a-Drug team. We're currently looking for additional volunteers who would like to help us to discover new cures for various diseases. Find-a-Drug (FaD) is a distributed computing project that enables people to donate their unused CPU time to investigate the interactions various drugs may have on some diseases. Each time an interaction is found, the FaD software marks it as a hit. These hits can then be investigated to determine if they can then block or hamper the progression of the disease under investigation.

    If you are looking to join the Barbarian Frogs, simply download and install the FaD THINK client from the Find-a-Drug website. Then set the team number to 2162 to join the Frogs. The client is available for both Windows and Linux. A constant Internet connection is not required to participate in this project.

    Links of Interest

    Official FaD Pages
    Official Start page:
    Official FaD forum:
    Official Stats, all teams:
    Official Stats, Barbarian Frogs team:

    Other Stats
    Stats at gotdns, all teams:
    Stats at Xtream PC (XPC), all teams:
    Stats at Free-DC:
    A real cool stats page that provides some interesting graphs / predictions created by the Dutch Power Cows:

    Sig Links & Programs

    Small Fry's Sig program: FaD Sig
    Hosted Sigs (author unknown):

    FaD Frogs Group Banner

    Anyone who has joined our team and have uploaded at least one job is eligible for this banner.

    Here's how to set this up:
    1. Go to User CP (a link to it is found just under the cookie crumbs above).
    2. Click on Group Memberships link found on the left hand side navigation bar.
    3. From there you'll see a list of all the groups you are aloud to join. Click on the one pertaining to The Find-a-Drug Frogs.
    4. Now you have to come up with some real ingenious reason to convince us to let you join up. If it's not good enough, we'll ban you from the entire site....Na, just kidding. This screen is really just a conformation on your selection. Click on Send Request and you don't have to add anything to reason. We'll know why.
    5. To process your request quicker, please send either AMD_is_Logical or I, Spankin Partier, a PM requesting us to activate your membership.
    6. When we PM you back, you can now go back to the Group Memberships page found in the User CP. You will now see a new grid that allows you to choose how to be identified. Click on the radial button that corresponds to the Find-a-Drug Frogs followed by clicking on the Update Display Group button and you'll be all set.

    Past Barbarian Conquests

    Find-a-Drug was not our first distributed computing project that we've conquered. The Barbarian Frogs first formed back in January of 2002. Back then we were working on the Genome@Home project. Genome@Home was started and managed by Stanford University's chemistry department. Genome@Home was one of the earlier distributed computing projects that was created to forward scientific knowledge to help fight human diseases. This project eventually retired as the Folding@Home evolved to encompass the research that the Genome@Home project was doing.

    Prior to the Genome@Home project ending, the Barbarian Frogs moved onto another distributed computing project called Distributed Folding. The Distributed Folding project was ran in conjunction with Mount Sinai Hospital (of Toronto, Canada) and University of Toronto. It's primary purpose was to develop a new method of creating raw structure predictions of genetic proteans. The Barbarians stayed with this project long enough to last through both phases of the project until it too was eventually shut down.

    It was about this time (October 2004), when the Barbarians moved to the Find-a-Drug project. We've been working at this project ever since.

    If any of these links are out of date, or you have new links that you think should be added, please either PM Spankin Partier or AMD_is_Logical, or simply start a new thread about it.
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