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    Question Memory cards.....speed/performance

    Hey there,

    I have really been curious about the different types of multimedia memory cards
    (as I like to call them). The types that there are:

    1) xD
    2) MMC (MultiMedia Card)
    3) Compact Flash
    4) Compact Flash 2
    5) SD (Secure Digital)
    6) SM (SmartMedia)
    7) MS (Memory Stick "Sony")

    I ask this since there are alot of people out there that would really like to have the quicker
    memory for their shots. I know alot of times it depends on the camera's processor and such.
    Obviously, the CF2 is supposed to be faster than the CF. I think this would be a good
    item for people to look at when deciding their multimedia items (cameras, music players, and such).

    Feel free to post information regarding the characteristics of these items.
    I always like to hear the specs on this kind of stuff.

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    Re: Memory cards.....speed/performance

    Compact Flash can be purched in may different speeds. But seeing as most people don't know that, the manufactures don't stress memory speed as a fearture. Hence you end up getting alot of manufactures trying to sell CF cards as cheep as they can which in turn means they all produce slow cards.

    I my self have an 64, 128, and 256 memory card for my Canon S40. I bought the 64MB card when I was in L.A. and it actually advertised as beeing 2x faster then most. I've done some non-scientific test using a stop watch and my laptop and I found that to be true.

    I have noticed on rapid shooting (when the camera is set to take multiple shoots as fast as it can), it really slows down once the camera's cache is filled. I should check to see if it is faster with the 64MB card then the others.

    Another point about Compact Flash, there is Compact Flash I and Compact Flash II. CF I is the normal CF cards you buy in the store. CF II are actually about a millimeter or so thicker. The only cards that I've seen that are CF II are the IBM Microdrives. These are actual hardrives. So you tend to get these in larger storage sizes then the CF I cards. But of course, seeing as they are full blown HDDs, you have to treat them as such. So you don't want to go around dropping them. You'll only be asking for trouble.

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