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    Jan 2003
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    the end user and fear of change

    Do you feel or have you seen fear of migrating over to Linux?
    How about your end-users?
    I think the main resistance to changing over is merely perceived. For example last semester I set up a few machines, 2 with XP, 2 with Suse. One of the Suse machines had crossover with M/S office, mozilla had the Redmond theme and its icon changed. Samba was renamed to “network neighborhood” all hardware was the same.
    The main difference was, the SuSE machine had a really comfy chair and a new keyboard/mouse. Guess which one was Preferred!
    I’m working up a presentation on this perceived fear for a class. Any thought (especially on users fears) are appreciated.
    see here also
    note to mods. Please leave this here, I'm mainly seeking imput from those who work with the different networks and O/S's

    Does your O.S. Welcome you with,
    Have a Whole lot of fun?
    Welcome, have a lot of fun

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    Jan 2003

    Re: the end user and fear of change

    Corperate wise caused by all the legal bull certain companies have fabricated yes.

    As for the endusers most of the ones that Ive come across (office staff) wants their computer to work a bit like any piece of machinery, you press one button it does one thing. Now because computer can do all sorts of things, and tend to do some of them when you really dont want them too, people are affraid that they might get it wrong and ruin something. But if you have an IT department that sets it all up and fixes it when it brakes I dont think there would be any problems. Any resonably sized company does, in my experience, use lots of different sw so I cant see that office workers would complain if they had some new sw on their workstations as long as it allowed them to do their job without any added fuss.

    One important factor in your example is that you set those machines up, the users themselves didnt have to. Now Im not saying that they would fail in doing so but you presented them with a resonably familiar "that button does this" scenario. Now if they where to go software shopping themselves and setup the machines I think you would have gotten a different result basicly because you can find win sw anywhere, if you look around you'll locate a mac dealer but linux stores and sw is in comparison quite hard to find and I think thats one of the keys as to why some might fear, or plain not want to, the switch.

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