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    Minolta Z2 or Z3?

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about the Z2 or the Z3? Which is the better buy for the money.. and in general which is better?

    Your help is greatly appreciated....

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    Re: Minolta Z2 or Z3?

    Hey there,

    Well I can tell you that the Z10 is very cool. Having said that, why don't you just go to a
    Wolf Camera/Ritz or Wal-Mart and try them out. I went to wall mart and got to try the
    Z1. It's basically the Z2, except the movie quality is not as good as the Z3. Plus the Z2 has better
    night imaging when it comes to noise and purple fringing than the Z3. The Z3 has more purple than
    the Z2 but the Z3 has an anti-shake system. Some things to consider:

    For the Z2:
    1) If you have a tripod and like to take pics like this or have a steady hand then this camera
    would more than likely be great.
    2) The night shots are supposed to be better with this than the Z3

    For the Z3:
    1) The steadiness comes in handy if you do not have a steady hand.
    2) It's black in color (not that it matters)
    3) Incorporates a better GT lense
    4) has an EVF (Electronic View Finder) instead of the mirror switch system.

    I've seen the Z2 go for as low as $244.00. However, there are many unscrupulous people
    out there that mess with you until you buy accessories. This happened to me and I
    cancelled my order and went with NEWEGG (Thanks newegg).
    Buy a 128MB SD card minimum. I suggest a 256MB SD card (Got a superfast Kingmax 256MB for $26-Newegg again )

    I usually try some review sites....such as this

    If I had more money I would've gone for the Z2 with the 10X optical and all the bells and whisles it has. Once I edit my webpage I will post a pic of one of my first 4 pics with the

    If you buy the Z3 make sure you get the firmware revision of 1.01 or 1.02, I forget which
    one. There's info around on the web about it. Otherwise the pics will come out slightly blue, yellow, or so forth.

    Accessories I highly suggest investing in are:

    1) UV filter (prevents that foggy look on landscape pics and protects the lense)
    2) an external flash if you are more than an amateur photo person
    3) Nimh- rechargable batteries

    I am going to probrably get the UV, Flourscent, and either a Neutral Density or a Circular Polarity filter. For Auto-Focus cameras, they require Circular Polarity filters not just polarity

    Ok, I think that just about does it. Let me know if you have any more Qs on this.

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